Ge Kiln Gaiwan with Ice Cracking Effect


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## The Enduring Art of Tea Appreciation with the Ice Crack Ge Kiln Gaiwan

Experience the ancient tradition of tea brewing with the exquisitely crafted Ice Crack Ge Kiln Gaiwan. This iconic utensil, dating back to 1350 in China, embodies the essence of tea mastery.

Composed of three meticulously designed components – saucer, bowl, and lid – the gaiwan harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetics. Begin by gently placing tea leaves in the bowl. Pour boiling water just below halfway, allowing it to briefly rest before draining through the lid, releasing the leaves’ fragrant aroma.

Inhale the rejuvenating scent, then pour fresh boiling water into the cup, watching the leaves swirl elegantly. Relish the delectable infusion directly from the gaiwan or gently pour it into a separate vessel for more convenient savoring.

Crafted from renowned Ge Kiln, the Ice Crack Ge Kiln Gaiwan seamlessly complements any tea variety. Its impressive dimensions of 11 cm (4.33″) in width and 8.5 cm (3.35″) in height accommodate an ample 140 ml (4.73 oz) capacity, making it an ideal vessel for both brewing and serving.


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