Authentic Qimen Black Tea from China | High-Quality Pine Leaf Cultivation

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Storage methods: sealed, dry, moisture proof, low temperature
Shelf life: 730 days
Food additives: none
Species: Qimen Black Tea
Grade: Super Level
Growth Season: Spring
Origin: Mainland China Province: Anhui Province
City: Huangshan City

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Tea Garden

This kind of black tea is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province. Qimen black tea is a fully fermented tea with high flavor and mellow taste, delicate taste, tender fragrance and sweet taste, and unique style.
Choose each piece of tea carefully: Tea trees grow in the natural oxygen bar at an altitude of 1000 meters. Tea grows naturally and ecologically. What we provide is a quality. High-quality tea comes from the control of every detail. Each piece of tea has experienced thousands of painstaking experiences, struggling with weeds and pests, and growing up in our careful care.
There are more than a dozen processes from primary production to refinement. Every step needs to be very careful. Only in this way can the authentic taste of Qimen Kong Fu black tea be made.


Tea characteristics

Qimen Black Tea is a treasure of Chinese traditional Kung Fu Black Tea. It is famous for its unique Qimen fragrance and is known as the world’s three high-aroma tea. Tea billet is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province, and then made by a series of complex processes from primary production to refinement. This tea has a taste of super quality with tight, strong and long aroma, delicate, mellow and sweet taste. When taste a cup of tea, you can feel the warmth of black tea, and your body and mind will be pleasant.

Brewing Method
  1. Take five grams of tea and mix them in a 120 ml tea pot and brew them at 90 degrees water temperature.
  2. Wash and brew at any time.
  3. According to personal taste, choose the brewing time to avoid long-term bubble invasion and become bitter and astringent. If it is used to soaking for a long time, the amount of tea input can be reduced.
  4. It is better for brewing taste, soup and aroma if cover the bowl.

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11 reviews for Authentic Qimen Black Tea from China | High-Quality Pine Leaf Cultivation

  1. Rishi R.

    This is a nice black tea. It’s labelled as organic and trust that there were no chemicals used in the process. It’s a mild and smooth black tea which, I now prefer. I would recommend.

  2. Nick

    I drink this tea pretty regularly and enjoy it, but it isn’t quite as flavorful as some more expensive options.

  3. G

    Fast delivery. Good product.

  4. yarnbarn

    I can’t wait to get up in the morning to enjoy a cup of this flavorful tea.

  5. chuckmeister

    Smooth but tasty tea. No bitterness at all.

  6. 4seasons

    I drink a lot of tea. so I buy bulk tea. This tea has good flavor with good price.

  7. Anita G

    This is a very flavorful tea. It has the traditional vanilla notes that I associated with Yunnan, but this tea has some subtle oak and even some hints of a lightly smoked lapsang souchong.By the way, the tea has been cut into large pieces. I regularly buy loose tea, but this is of an unusual profile. That’s not really a big deal, but it probably means that it needs a longer brew time.

  8. Saya Callner

    My husband and mother both like to drink tea. They say it tastes very good and they like it very much.

  9. grandma

    This is the best tea I ever drank. If you are wanting a cup of hot tea this the one, or if you prefer a glass of ice cold tea, this is the perfect one to have. So glad a friend recommended this to me. I will be buying this again.

  10. LaMeel

    Everything I get from this company is amazing. Thank you and I will keep ordering

  11. Tony

    Great tea, great value.

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