Glass Tea Set with Induction Heating Base


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## **Immerse Yourself in the Art of Tea with the Enchanting Glass Gongfu Tea Set**

Prepare to be captivated by the exquisite Glass Gongfu Tea Cup and Tray Set, meticulously crafted to elevate your tea-drinking experience. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this set exudes crystal-like transparency, creating a mesmerizing effect. Intricate vertical stripes adorn the surface, complemented by subtle accents of natural wood, imbuing the set with an air of vintage elegance.

## **Ergonomics Meets Aesthetics**

The tea cup’s unique design boasts a wooden loop handle, not only effectively preventing scalding but also creating a graceful silhouette. The ample use of natural wood accents throughout the set imparts a sense of nature’s warmth and tranquility. Plus, the addition of a ceramic heating base ensures your tea stays optimally warm for an uninterrupted, cozy indulgence.

## **A Window to Tea’s Delicate Dance**

The set’s transparent glass material unveils the captivating spectacle of tea leaves gracefully unfurling in water, akin to an enchanting ballet. This intimate viewing experience enhances the artistry of tea culture, adding a layer of mystery and allure to the brewing process.

## **A Masterpiece for Modern Simplicity**

Embodying both traditional craftsmanship and modern minimalist design, the Glass Gongfu Tea Cup and Tray Set transcends mere practicality. It serves as a piece of art, elevating any tea-drinking occasion and enriching your daily rituals.

### **Specifications:**

– Material: Heat Resistant Glass
– Weight: 2.5 kg
– Includes:
– 1 Teapot (900 ml, Height 12 cm)
– 6 Tea Cups (200 ml, Length 7.4 cm, Height 6.1 cm)
– 1 Electric Ceramic Heater
– 1 Tea Tray (Length 34 cm, Width 25 cm, Height 2 cm)


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