Golden Blue Heart Sutra Blue and White Gaiwan


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Golden Blue Heart Sutra Gaiwan

Delicately crafted with a glaze that transforms raw clay into a stunning masterpiece, this Gaiwan embodies the grace and wisdom of the Orient.

Mesmerizing Azure

Bathed in a deep blue reminiscent of the ocean’s embrace, the Gaiwan’s glaze is a testament to the artisans’ skill. Its rich hue remains vibrant, reminiscent of the renowned Xuande-colored porcelain, making it a treasure to behold.

Elegant Silhouette

The Gaiwan’s form is both sleek and functional, featuring a thin upper body for efficient heat dissipation and a subtly thicker lower body for warmth retention. The flared rim and stable foot elevate the beauty of your tea as you sip.

Sacred Inscription

Adorning the bowl is the timeless Heart Sutra script, adding a profound element to this already exquisite piece. The gold-rimmed lid knob complements the ethereal blue, creating an aura of dignity and grandeur.

Artisanry and Aesthetics

The meticulously polished interior walls ensure ease of cleaning, while the minimalist rim prevents tea stains from marring its delicate surface. Each Gaiwan is a labor of love, flawlessly glazed and fired at temperatures reaching 1300 degrees Celsius.

A Tea Ritual Sublimed

Crafted to elevate your tea-drinking experience, this Gaiwan invites you to savor the essence of each brew. Whether you choose to admire it or wield it, the Golden Blue Heart Sutra Gaiwan transforms the simple act of drinking tea into a sacred ritual.


Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 oz)
Length: 9.8 cm (3.8 inches)
Height: 10 cm (3.9 inches)


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