Yunnan Dianhong Tea – Super Honey Fragrance Fengqing Yunnan Red – Yunnan Ancient Tree Kung Fu Black Tea

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Storage methods: low temperature, sealing, drying, anti-odor
Shelf life: 720 days
Food additives: none
Grade: Super Level
Growth Season: Spring
Origin: China
Provinces: Yunnan Province
City: Lincang City
Food Technology: Kong Fu Black Tea

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Tea Garden

Fengqing, Yunnan Province, is an alpine tea producing area with an average elevation of 1600 meters. Long sunshine time, large temperature difference between morning and evening, high forest coverage and fertile soil are the paradise for tea growth. With natural environmental advantages, there are many large-leaved tree-type ancient tea trees growing in the territory. Local tea planting and tea making has a long history, mature and exquisite skills, and profound tea history.


Tea characteristics

Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea is made from fresh leaves of Yunnan large-leaved tea plants, which are withered, kneaded or rolled, fermented and baked, and then processed into Yunnan black kung Fu tea, and then processed into Yunnan black broken tea. All the above processes have been operated by hand for a long time.

The quality of spring tea is better than that of summer and autumn tea because of the seasonal variation of harvesting period. Spring tea strips are plump, heavy, clean and tender. Summer tea is in the rainy season, buds and leaves grow fast, internodes are long, although buds show little, but the purity is low, the bottom of the leaves is slightly hard and miscellaneous. Autumn tea is in the dry and cool season, the growth and metabolism of tea plants become weaker, the body of mature tea is light, the purity is low, the tenderness is inferior to spring and summer tea. The appearance of Yunnan Black Kong Fu Antler Millet is one of its quality characteristics. Its color can be divided into light yellow, chrysanthemum yellow, golden yellow and other categories.

Suggestions on Yunnan Black Tea/Brewing
  1. About tea cups: please brew the tea with transparent glass, ceramic cup or kung Fu tea. Try not to use plastic cup or paper cups and other disposable cups, so as to avoid affecting the taste.
  2. Regarding water use: areas with good water quality can be brewed directly by tap water heating; areas with poor water quality, please try to use pure water or mountain spring water to brew.
  3. Regarding water temperature: In order not to affect the taste of tea, it is suggested that the water temperature should be controlled at about 85 °C, 90 °C during brewing. The brewing time should not be too long, whenever you brew the tea, whenever you drink it.

Additional information

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

6 reviews for Yunnan Dianhong Tea – Super Honey Fragrance Fengqing Yunnan Red – Yunnan Ancient Tree Kung Fu Black Tea

  1. Kathleen Woods-Smith

    This tea is excellent! It has exceptional flavor and color. When I occasionally forget to pull the strainer within 4-5 minutes, it doesn’t have bitter notes. It is whole leaves as described.

  2. James K.

    A delicious aroma and taste that is 100% authentic. A whole new take on tea. A very rich and hearty flavor that can only be described as bold. I have personally use this tea for hot and cold beverages. It is great hot or cold over ice. The aroma alone is soothing and has this calming vibe. I highly recommend this to any tea fanatic Who wants to step out of their comfort zone and try something different. I have tried many tees and have come to find out that this is one of my favorites Paris tea is designed to be bold or more satisfying in all out relaxing after a long hard days work. I will always recommend that you sample it with the smallest size to start with to make sure that this tea is for you but I think nine out of 10 you’re gonna love it. Don’t just take my word for it purchase it today and try it out for yourself and be amazed at the amazing aroma in taste that doesn’t seem possible.

  3. Amarjit

    The taste of the tea is neither too light nor too strong.

  4. Robbie

    It is caramel and slight cinnamon flavor. Will get it again when run out.

  5. Miss S

    The flavour doesn’t come out unless the amount of tea is doubled. The true Ceylon tea can be felt from one teaspoon. Here you have to add two to feel the flavour.

  6. Doaa Almusbahi

    Very refreshing, the price is affordable, I recommend it here! It’s worth buying! This kind of green tea is quite affordable, and the tea is very fresh with a high performance-to-price ratio.

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