GaiWan Tea Set with Chinese Dragon Design – Jade Porcelain and Sancai Cover

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Color: Jade Porcelain Bowl Dragon
Origin: Dehua
Product Category: Cover Bowl

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width:10cm high:10cm 120ml

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Weight 0.2 kg

10 reviews for GaiWan Tea Set with Chinese Dragon Design – Jade Porcelain and Sancai Cover

  1. Mister Silver

    Very nice, beautiful design hopefully it will be functional we haven’t used it yet it’s a gift for my wife waiting for mine to arrive from a different vendor

  2. Jackson D.

    This is a nicely made gaiwan. The decorations are attractive and the porcelain is good quality. My only issue is that it is a classical size, a fairly small capacity. If I make tea in it, it will fill a mug halfway. But it makes great tea and the cover serves to keep it warm and as a strainer.

  3. Astra

    It is porcelain so you must know that porcelain likes to be hand cleaned and wiped. Use regular detergent will not be enough. You have to polish it with something like a magic eraser. Do not use brill for steel wool. You can also use bleach.It will need regular cleaning.

  4. Ruth Jane Peterson

    Simply gorgeous and useful, thank you.

  5. Jeffery J Payne

    Looks great and works great. Very stylish and has a good volume and doesn’t get too hot if poured correctly. If you are into brewing tea Gongfu style, this is a good gaiwan to use. Good quality product for the price.

  6. Emily Goff

    Nicely made. Perfect size for brewing one cup of tea.

  7. David Leahy

    I can better savor the tears of the damned by enjoying more of their anguish at once, thanks to the larger bowl size.-Cthulu

  8. Amazon Customer

    My first Gaiwan and I absolutely love it. If you want to try Gungfu brewing this an inexpensive way to try it. I use this Gaiwan everyday to brew my Dragonwell tea.

  9. Frank G Allen

    quality is very good, the material is exquisite workmanship, the appearance is good-looking

  10. Joshua M Miller

    Perfect for tea for two!

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