Red Ceramic Chinese Wedding Tea Set – Jun Kiln Kung Fu Teapot Gift Set

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Jun Kiln
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Pottery
Origin: Dehua
Surface Technology: Kiln Glaze
Tea Plate or Not: No
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Tea cup: 6
Teapot: 1

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Teacup: width: 5.3cm height: 4.2cm
Handheld Pot: length: 14cm height: 8.3cm

The tea ceremony is an increasingly popular tradition in China, particularly in weddings. During a China-style wedding, serving tea to the bride and groom’s parents is a significant and unique aspect of the ceremony. The bride and groom perform traditional oriental prostrations, and serve tea to their parents while remaining in a kneeling position until the elders have finished drinking, as a sign of respect. Nowadays, many couples opt to hold tea ceremonies for both sets of parents, to honor both families. One of the best options for a tea set to use in a wedding is the Red Chinese Tea Set With Tray. This particular set is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also holds cultural and symbolic significance. As a wedding gift, the Red Chinese Tea Set With Tray is a thoughtful and meaningful way to express good wishes to the newlyweds.

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4 reviews for Red Ceramic Chinese Wedding Tea Set – Jun Kiln Kung Fu Teapot Gift Set

  1. Milo1

    Adore this set! Pretty!

  2. Dimitriy

    Very nice n Saturday tea set

  3. Vera xue

    The ceremony of drinking green tea is very symbolic and gentle and is to be savored

  4. Amazon Customer

    We love this set. it matches our bowls we bought years ago.

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