Handcrafted Jun Kiln Ceramic Tea Cup with Unique Change Glaze Finish

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Material: Ceramic
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Technology: Kiln Glaze
Origin: Dehua
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Chinese Style

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Caliber 7.5cm, High 7.5cm, Capacity 160ml

Jun glaze porcelain is the porcelain of the Song Dynasty. The glaze is mainly composed of feldspar and other natural ores. A layer of uniform base glaze was put on the Jun red porcelain, and then the glaze containing iron, cobalt and manganese with low melting temperature was dripped on it. After hanging the glaze, it was fired in a low-temperature furnace for the second time. Then several different color glazes are used to pass through the LAN glaze, and the reduction flame is fired at a high temperature of 1280-1320 ℃. From the appearance, the glaze layer is thicker, the glaze is glossy and moist, the sense of hierarchy is strong, the enamel is fine and opaque, and the glaze layer is in the form of borneol. Therefore, it is known as “the beauty of Jun porcelain lies in the change of kiln”. The transformation of Jun porcelain really reflects the art of fire.

This Jun Kiln Change Glaze Single Cup Large Warm Hand High Cup Ceramic Tea Cup is an ideal addition to any tea lover’s collection. Crafted of durable ceramic material and featuring semi-manual tianmu drawing techniques by master potters, its beautiful shape and glaze bring elegance and class to any tea ceremony.

The cup’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and makes pouring hot tea effortless. Thanks to its double-wall construction, it stays comfortably warm even after long periods. Plus, with intricately designed glaze and vibrant colors to choose from – there’s sure to be one perfect for you!

This elegant ceramic cup is ideal for enjoying all sorts of tea. The high walls allow easy steeping without creating a mess, as well as ample room to add ice cubes or herbs if desired. Plus, its matte interior finish amplifies flavor further making each sip even more enjoyable!

Other key features to look out for include:

Smooth texture with intricate detailing; lightweight but strong material; high temperature resistance; easy-to-clean surface
Exquisite craftsmanship Looking for an everyday tea cup or something special? Consider the Jun Kiln Change Glaze Single Cup Large Warm Hand High Cup Ceramic Tea Cup as it offers both form and function – perfect for enjoying all types of delicious tea anytime of day or night! It features exquisite craftsmanship to bring exquisite quality.

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indigo blue, indigo green, royal blue, warm red

2 reviews for Handcrafted Jun Kiln Ceramic Tea Cup with Unique Change Glaze Finish

  1. Linhong L.

    These teacups are beautiful!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Very beautiful; however small.

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