Cast Iron Teapot – Traditional Kung Fu Style – 1.2L Capacity

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Tray or not: Not
Material: Cast Iron
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: Cast Iron
Tea Ceremony Accessories: None
Origin: Zhejiang
Specification: 1.2L

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Capacity: 1200ml, net weight is about 1.7kg

The overall height of product is 21cm, the diameter of bottom is 9.5cm, the height of pot is 9.5cm.The material of the iron kettle has a limited influence on the taste of the boiling water and the release of ferrous iron. The iron kettle is specially acidified to eliminate impurities in the iron during the manual casting process. Because pig iron is used as raw material, through casting methods, and the artisan’s different artistic attainments, the special culture of the old iron kettle is formed. The method of casting old iron pots in Japan is different from modern ones. The old iron pots used a dewaxing technique at that time. After each iron pot is cast, the mold must be broken before it can be taken out. Moreover, the old iron pots in the past were made purely by hand, so there will never be two identical pots. It has the global uniqueness of its shape. It is a rare and precious antique in a century. It is also a piece of artistic value and practical value as a water heater. You can use it as a daily boiler for health preservation, a piece of art to appreciate, or an antique to collect.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Lid of little bird, Round handle, Three little curve, With filter

2 reviews for Cast Iron Teapot – Traditional Kung Fu Style – 1.2L Capacity

  1. Jo Seth Cu

    quality is very good and strong, the appearance design is good, the color is very beautiful, I tried it and found that boiling water is very fast.

  2. Alfred Natrasevschi

    The iron pot has the advantages of good quality, beautiful appearance, high appearance and affordable price

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