Pink Enamel Porcelain Lotus Gaiwan


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Unlock the ancient art of tea brewing with our exquisite Enamel Porcelain Pink Lotus Gaiwan.

Crafted from the finest enamel porcelain, this meticulously designed gaiwan has been a cherished vessel in China for centuries. Its three components — the saucer, bowl, and lid — harmoniously combine to elevate your tea experience.

Immerse your tea leaves in the bowl’s embrace and gently pour boiling water over them. As the water dances over the leaves, inhale the enticing aroma of freshly moistened buds.

Gently pour the infused water into the saucer, using the lid as a strainer to retain the leaves. Returned to the bowl, the leaves unleash their full potential, swirling gracefully as they steep.

Savour the earthy flavours of your preferred tea directly from the gaiwan’s rim or pour it into a smaller vessel to cool and share. With a capacity of 150ml (5.07oz), it is perfect for brewing single-serving indulgences.

Whether you prefer a soothing green tea or a robust oolong, the Enamel Porcelain Pink Lotus Gaiwan empowers you to create the perfect cuppa, every time. Its refined design and unparalleled functionality make it an indispensable tool for both tea enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility in every sip.


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