Tea Mascot – Lion Dragon Tea Pet


Material:yixing clay
Measures:13.2x10cm (5.2×3.9in)

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Are you yearning for a Chinese tea pet but find their prices exorbitant? Teasenz brings you an extravagant hybrid Lion Dragon tea pet crafted from premium purple Yixing clay at an exceptional value, far below what your local Chinese shop would charge. Leave behind the mundane ducks, turtles, or toads and elevate your tea ritual with this striking Lion Dragon companion.

Once perplexed, a loyal customer posed a thought-provoking question: “What’s the purpose of owning a tea pet? Why pour tea over it? Is it just to keep me occupied?”

Allow us to unravel the significance of tea pets in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. When brewing tea the authentic way, it’s customary to start by rinsing the tea leaves. This initial infusion, known as the rinse, is then used to preheat the teaware. Instead of discarding this flavorful liquid, tea masters pour it over their tea pets. Typically placed on a tea tray or table equipped with a drain, tea pets add an element of delight and convenience to the tea-making process.

Beyond their practical function, tea mascots serve as cherished artifacts that enrich the tea experience. Tea enthusiasts in China firmly believe that consistently pouring tea over these charming creatures grants them a sense of sentience and connection. While you may choose to embrace this belief or not, the underlying idea is undeniably heartwarming and adds a touch of magic to your tea journey.


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