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Kung Fu Ceramic Tea Set with Teapot, Tea Cup, Solid Wood Tea Tray – Tea Ceremony Ware

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Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: Pottery
Origin: Dehua
Surface technology: color glaze
Teapot: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea cup: 6
Tea strainer: 1

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Teapot capacity: 260ml
Tea pitcher: 230ml
Teacup: 60ml

Pottery is not as delicate as porcelain, not as exquisite as purple sand, but it has a unique charm. In the production of pottery, there will be uneven body thickness, arbitrary inconsistencies in the shape of utensils. Because it is manual glazing, it will present a variety of colors in the firing process due to changes in kiln temperature.


It is the protagonist of the table, so no matter how important utensils it is, it should show modest posture. The arc which is not carved too much, and the appearance which is not artificial too much, thus it can appear quiet.

Literati elegant utensils

It is neither too elegant nor deliberately simple, but shows a natural style and quiet that is so natural, just like those literati who are far away from fame and ostentation.

Taste life

People who love tea are people who know how to live and understand the philosophy of life in the taste of tea. Tea lovers are also elegant. Playing tea utensils in their hands makes people reach a tacit understanding, so as to realize the true meaning of life with the heart of Taoism.

Pleasure to the eye and lips
  • The difference between ceramic art and tea sets is that the latter is to be used. Apart from good looks, the touch comfort of lining aromatic drinks is the basic consideration. There is no wonder that no disappointment has been found in this respect.
  • The teapot mouth is delicate and small. The teapot with exquisite workmanship and exquisite effluent is equipped with backflow filter holes, which can filter excess tea residue and is also exquisitely made at the bottom.
  • The kettle mouth is an eagle molding, with smooth and bright lines and exquisite and even water outlet.
  • The glaze is warm and moist, and the speckle is the iron reduction of mineral material, which is also one of the characteristics of this product.
  • Open cup mouth, and clean interior, helps to disseminate tea fragrance and observe the tea soup.
  • The bottom is also exquisitely crafted, and the pursuit of every detail is fascinating.
  • Excellent craftsmanship, glossy grey glaze, rich layers, simple and elegant.

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ba di se tao ci, bai se tao ci cai hong, fen se tao ci, huang se tao ci cai hong, kong que lan tao ci

2 reviews for Kung Fu Ceramic Tea Set with Teapot, Tea Cup, Solid Wood Tea Tray – Tea Ceremony Ware

  1. Lisa S.

    This is a beautiful set! Nice quality and packaged very well. I’m giving this to my Mom for Christmas and know she’ll love it.

  2. AD

    The set was packaged very well. Got this as a gift or my daughter in law. I think she will love it.

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