Authentic Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set for Tea Lovers – Includes Ceramic Teacups, Teapot, and More

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Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: High White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Surface technology: glaze color
Tea tray: No
Weight: 300 grams
Heat resistance: Yes
List: Bowl with fitted cover X 1; Tea pitcher X 1; Tea strainer X 1; Tea cup X 6

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tao ci bei

Drawing patterns with ingenuity

The color is warm, transparent and bright, which interpret the beauty of high white and thin embryo of porcelain.

Glaze color

The thin embryo of white porcelain is transparent, bright, white, beautiful and moist, such as grease and jade. The porcelain quality is delicate, the glaze color is glittering and plump, like ice and jade, and the line is bright and smooth.

Tea pitcher

The tea soup is flowing smoothly and quickly, and the tip of the mouth bends down slightly. After separating the tea soup from the water, and cutting off the tea soup, the tea soup can be well returned to the cup.

Tea strainer

Tea strainer includes tea strainer and tea strainer holder. Tea strainer is placed on tea strainer holder and used to filter tea powder and tea residue on the sea so as to make tea soup fragrant and mellow. After filtering, place tea strainer on tea strainer holder, so as to keep health and hygiene.

Tea strainer and Tea strainer holder

Two-piece design of tea strainer, tea strainer holder. Give a special location for tea strainer, so as to maintain the sanitation of filter mesh.


It is not for form for drinking tea, but the special cup that may give you some elegance beyond life.
tao ci bei

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Weight 2.8 kg

2 reviews for Authentic Chinese Kung Fu Tea Set for Tea Lovers – Includes Ceramic Teacups, Teapot, and More

  1. oceanlady580

    Wife loves it ,even though it is small

  2. JayCee

    Beautiful. Great quality love it

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