Yi Xing Purple Sand Tea Set – 14 Ceramic Kung Fu Cups and Bowl with Cover

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Material: Purple Sand
Packaging mode: Simple Packaging
Surface technology: Colored glaze
Boiling Water Function: No
Cover bowl: 1
Tea sea: 1
Tea cup: 6
Tea strainer: 1

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Tea pitcher: 13.2 cm * 5.8 cm * 150 ml
Bowl with fitted cover: 13.2 cm * 5.8 cm * 150 ml
Tea strainer: 7.2cm*5.6cm

Purple clay tea set

Fashionable and simple design, suitable for tea tasting at home or office. It is also saves space, beautiful and generous, and easy to use. And it can be collocated with both classical style and modern style, which brings people a sense of elegance.

Bowl with fitted cover

Bowl with fitted cover is a kind of Chinese exhibition tea set with top cover, bottom support and middle bowl. It is also called Three Talent Cup, namely, the cover is heaven, the support is earth and the bowl is human, which implies the meaning of the harmony between heaven, earth and human.

Tea cup

As tea utensils, tea cup generally can be divided into two small cups according to size. And it is mainly used for Oolong tea sipping, also known as tea tasting cups, which is used collocated with the use of scent cups. Large cups can also be directly used as tea making and tea holding utensils.

Tea pitcher

Tea pitcher, also known as Tea Cup or Justice Cup, resembles an open teapot without handle.

Tea strainer

Tea hopper, also known as tea strainer, is one of the main tea sets in the tea art of the Han nationality. And it is mainly used when brew oolong tea in a small pot, and it will be placed at the mouth of the pot so as to facilitate the placement of tea and avoid leakage of tea.

ying xing pot

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

4 reviews for Yi Xing Purple Sand Tea Set – 14 Ceramic Kung Fu Cups and Bowl with Cover

  1. ju an

    Perfect set for gongfu tea ceremony.

  2. Gloria C.

    The pot and cups arrived safe, and were carefully packaged. The spout, lid, and handle are aligned properly, the lid fits nice and tight, and water stops flowing when I put my finger over the hole in the lid—all in all, it fits the ticket for a well-designed Yixing zisha teapot. The teapot came with a signed and stamped certificate of authenticity by the artisan, and was packed in a decorative box. This is my first Yixing teapot, but it looks and feels better than others I considered buying. I look forward to many years of brewing! (The scoop, tea tray and other accessories in the background are my own. )

  3. Alphaemporium

    Fantastic item, good package


    cute and healthy drink way for chinese tea, also good service. like it.

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