Yaowen Xu White Clay Duan Ni Yixing Teapot


Clay type:White jade Duan Ni
Content:250ml (8.5oz)
Measures:13.2×7.8cm (5.2x3in)

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Unconventional Beauty: White Jade Duan Ni Clay Teapot

In the traditional realm of Yixing teapots, our exquisite white jade duan ni clay teapot stands out as a captivating masterpiece. Embracing innovation, this teapot defies conventions with its elegant Xishi style body, adorned with an enchanting zisha clay painting.

Duan Ni Clay: A Rare Gem

White jade duan ni clay, a rare and precious material, forms the foundation of this exceptional teapot. As white as fine jade, this clay boasts a texture akin to traditional purple clay (zisha). Its breathability ensures that tea leaves retain their inherent flavors, making it ideal for brewing black teas like Jin Jun Mei, Lapsang, and Keemun.

Zisha Clay Painting: A Stroke of Artistry

The meticulously applied zisha paste adorning the teapot’s body elevates it to an art form. The intricate layers of clay create a captivating three-dimensional effect, showcasing the artist’s remarkable skill and attention to detail. The vibrant bird and plum blossom motifs come alive as water or tea is poured over the teapot, accentuating the relief effect and adding a touch of magic to your tea ritual.

Symbolism and Auspiciousness

In Chinese culture, magpies and plum blossoms hold deep symbolic significance, representing auspiciousness and good fortune. The magpie, a symbol of joy, graces a branch of plum blossoms, heralding the arrival of good things. This enchanting imagery adds a profound layer of meaning to your tea experience.

Yaowen Xu: A Rising Star in Yixing Art

This extraordinary teapot is a testament to the artistry of Yaowen Xu, a rising ceramic artist with a deep passion for Yixing art. Guided by experienced senior artists, she has cultivated a distinctive style characterized by delicate lines and a fresh, elegant aesthetic. Her works have garnered admiration among Yixing art collectors, a testament to her exceptional talent.

Elevate your tea ceremony with this exquisite white jade duan ni clay teapot, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends innovation, artistry, and symbolism.


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