Yi Xing Purple Sand Teapot – Mao Pao Style – 350ml Capacity for Wholesale Tea Ware


Material: Purple Sand
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: hand-painted
Origin: Yi Xing
Capacity: 350ml
Weight: 300g

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It seems that the embedded cover is simple in structure, but it is a part difficult to be made. Whether it is embryo made in the early stage or integrated in the later stage, every detail is very important. It is not easy to fit together perfectly.


The seemingly simple spout has a rigorous inner structure, which fits each other perfectly. I can’t help but want to say that, it is definitely a graceful one.


Full of ancient rhyme and solemnity and no lack of novelty, full of elegance and generousness and no lack of masculinity.


It is stable for the concave and convex design of the pot bottom. And the bottom print is clear, smooth and regular.


The style is round and it is full of strong stereo sense for pot body. The exquisite craftsmanship is full of charm


The beauty of craftsmanship also contains the beauty of the country. Only in this place can humanities produce this particular thing.
The mud color is mellow and elegant, the literati flavor is strong, while both large and small pieces of works can show purple sand elegance
Keep improving, every detail will not be missed. The selected mud is raw ore mud from Huang Long Mountain, which is rich in color, and can maintain the tea soup color and fragrance of tea. And the overnight tea will not turn bad.

Body length: approx. 16 cm
Mouth of the pot: approx. 6 cm
Height: 8cm
Capacity: 350ml

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