Handmade Yi Xing Purple Mud Tea Set with Rhyming Sea Purple Sand Pot


Material: Purple Sand
Boiling Water Function: No
Surface technology: hand-painted
Origin: Yi Xing
Weight: 400g
Capacity: 300ml

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Xiao Ying pot was invented in Ming Dynasty. It has a heavy and solid style and a style of hard man that never compromises. Some experts introduce its characteristics of tea brewing in a passionate manner: “It has a cold appearance, but a warm heart. And it is full of passion when brewing tea, and shows mellow and strong rhyme, sweet fragrance, and quick decision. It is thereby could be called as heroes in the pot!” Xiao Ying, with several colors flowing in a blended and harmonious manner, shows the spiritual essence of traditional culture like “Gentlemen are different from each other”. Theorists explain that “harmony” is equal to “fusion”, which are all implicit “auspicious” cultural and psychological principles. “Harmony” represents harmony, peace, gentle and melodious, showing a relaxed and open life emotion, while “fusion” represents integration, synthesis, appropriateness and cooperation, showing a moderate and calm attitude towards life.

Length 12.5cm Height 7.8cm Mouth diameter 4.2cm

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