Yellow Ruyao Floral Tea Set


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Chinese Yellow Ruyao Flowers Tea Set: An Epitome of Artistic Beauty and Functionality

Indulge in a sensory exploration with the Ruyao Huamanhong tea set, a masterpiece that captivates both the eyes and the touch. It showcases a unique glaze phenomenon, creating intertwining dark and light lines that resemble cicada wings. These lines, etched by time, lend a timeless beauty and resilience to the porcelain surface.

The exquisite three-dimensional carvings grace this tea set with stunning elegance. Each petal and leaf is meticulously crafted, instilling a vibrant presence that whispers the fragrance of flowers. This artistry not only enhances its visual appeal but also invites a tactile delight, elevating tea tasting to an immersive experience.

At the heart of this collection is the teapot, a sculptural centerpiece with a graceful roundness that evokes the allure of a blooming flower. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, its design ensures a seamless water flow, promising perfectly brewed and aromatic cups of tea.

This Huangru Kiln Huamanhong tea set elevates the tea ceremony with its fusion of artistry and practicality. It harnesses centuries-old firing techniques and intricate craftsmanship to create a legacy of taste and culture.


* 8 Tea Cups
* 1 Fair Cup
* 1 Tea Pot
* 1 Gaiwan
* 1 Tea Strainer
* 1 Utensils Set
* 1 Gift Box


* Tea Cup: 40 ml, Diameter 6.5 cm, Height 4 cm
* Fair Cup: 200 ml, Length 13 cm, Height 7 cm
* Tea Pot: 200 ml, Length 14 cm, Height 7.5 cm
* Gaiwan: 100 ml, Length 12 cm, Height 9 cm
* Tea Strainer: Diameter 8.6 cm, Height 5.1 cm


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