Yixing Lucky Money Toad Tea Pet


Material:mo lu ni (green) yixing clay, jiang po ni Yixing clay
Measures:approx. 9.3×6.3x4cm (3.6×2.5×1.6 in)

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Discover the exquisite beauty and auspicious presence of our Yixing clay toad tea pet, a cherished symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

A Coin for Wealth and Prosperity: Behold the charming toad with a coin in its mouth, embodying the ancient legend of Liu Hui and the three-legged toad. This captivating creature is believed to bring prosperity and abundance to its owner.

A Touch of Zen: Introduce mindfulness and harmony into your daily routine by nurturing your tea pet. The simple act of rinsing it with tea becomes a meditative ritual, cultivating patience and appreciation for the present moment.

The Most Popular Tea Pet: Embrace the tradition of Chinese tea culture by bringing a lucky frog tea pet into your home. Commonly found on tea tables across the country, these delightful companions symbolize happiness and harmony.

Unique and Handmade: Every tea pet is carefully crafted by skilled artisans, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Variations in size and color add to its individuality, making each pet a unique work of art.

Dimensions and Three Legs: This exquisite toad tea pet measures approximately 9.3×6.3x4cm (3.6×2.5×1.6 in) and features three legs, symbolizing its ancient origins. The unique design adds a touch of whimsy and enchantment to your tea-time experience.

Elevate your tea rituals with this exceptional Yixing clay toad tea pet, a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and mindful living. Its handcrafted beauty and captivating presence will make a cherished addition to your collection


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