Zen Tiger Tea Pet


Material:duan ni yixing clay
Measures:approx. 5.2×4.4cm (2×1.7in)

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Zen Tiger Tea Pet: Enhance Your Tea Sessions with Meditation and Serenity

Elevate your daily tea ritual with the Zen Tiger Tea Pet, a captivating figurine crafted from premium Duan Ni clay. Lovingly handmade, each pet boasts intricate details that bring to life the regal tiger, adorned in traditional Chinese attire and sitting serenely in the lotus posture.

This exquisite tea pet invites you to immerse yourself in a tranquil tea journey, harmonizing meditation and teatime. Its peaceful presence transforms your tea sessions into meditative moments, invoking a sense of serenity and mindfulness as you sip your favorite brew. The Zen Tiger Tea Pet seamlessly blends artistic elegance and practical functionality, adding a touch of zen to your tea corner.

With its exceptional craftsmanship, the tea pet exudes elegance and sophistication. Place it in your tea tray or teacup, and let its presence gently guide you towards a profound tea ceremony. The Duan Ni clay, a highly esteemed material for tea pets, imparts a touch of history and authenticity, absorbing and releasing the essence of your tea over time.

The Zen Tiger Tea Pet is an exclusive gift for tea enthusiasts and meditation practitioners. Surprise your loved ones with this remarkable piece of artistry that combines Eastern philosophies and modern convenience. It’s the perfect companion for solo tea sipping or welcoming guests to a harmonious tea gathering.

Experience the depth of your tea sessions with the Zen Tiger Tea Pet. Let it be a reminder of the tranquil moments that exist within the everyday, honoring the ancient tea traditions and aligning your spirit with the serene moments of life.


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