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A bowl with cover is a kind of Chinese tea ware, also called “Three Talents Bowl” or “Three Talents Cup”. It is a commonly used teaware for making tea. Here we learn the correct way to drink tea from the covered bowl.

The correct way to drink tea is to cover the bowl with the lid.

The Three-Finger Method

Hold the teacup with your thumb and index finger pinching the spout, make sure to pinch equal or more than half of the spout’s circumference. Put your middle finger on the lid of the teacup and leave a gap between the lid and body part so that tea can be poured out.

When pouring the broth, it is important to note that it is not the arm that controls the pouring of broth, but the wrist. Turn your wrist to control the lid of the bowl and pour out the broth. Keep your body balanced at the same time by forming a triangle with your wrist, elbow, and body. The elbow should not be higher than the wrist.

The bowl method

This method is used by fewer people than the “three-finger method”, although it is simpler, more majestic and atmospheric, and mostly used by men. However, because it requires holding the entire hand to grasp the lid of the bowl, it is more likely to get burned due to unfamiliarity.

When using, first adjust the lid to leave an outlet for the water. Place your thumb on the lid knob and the middle finger and ring finger on the round foot of the bowl bottom. When pouring out soup, keep the bottom facing outward and twist the wrist so that the lid is vertical to pour out soup.

Precautions for Drinking Tea with a Bowl Cover:
1. Make sure the bowl is big enough to hold your tea and the lid.
2. When pouring tea, tilt the lid slightly to prevent splashing or overflowing.
3. The lid should not be placed too close to the edge of the bowl as it could cause it to fall off when stirring the tea.
4. Do not put hot items directly onto the lid as it may cause damage or deformation.

When drinking tea with a lid bowl, one must keep a proper sitting posture, never protrude their head and mouth forward, and even lower their head. When drinking the lid bowl tea, the lid should be tilted and the cup should be brought to the mouth and then slowly suck in the tea soup without making any sound.

When drinking gaiwan tea, the lid must not be taken off, and the tea leaves floating on the surface of the tea soup cannot be removed with your mouth. The correct way is to hold the lid with your right hand and gently scrape the main tea leaves aside. In addition, when drinking gaiwan tea, you should also pay attention not to let the teapot, teacup and lid collide and rub against each other, nor should they make a loud sound between them, otherwise it will affect the elegant atmosphere of appreciating tea and will be considered as an uncivilized performance by others.

The above content has been introduced here. When using a lid bowl to drink tea, one should pay attention to the usage skills, especially for those who are new and just starting to use the bowl to make tea, they should pay more attention to detail in order to avoid scalding themselves.