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Three-talent cover bowl tea set, with bowls, lids and boats, distinctive shape and exquisite production. The teacup is big and small on the top and the lid can be put into the bowl. The tea boat is used as a base to support. When drinking tea, the lid is not easy to slip off, and there is a tea boat to avoid scalding hands. It is often used in life. However, when using three talents to cover bowls for tea making, pay attention to the method of use and use it correctly. Next, let’s take a look at the correct way to take three talents cover bowl.

The correct way to hold a bowl with three talents (three-talented bowl) is by grasping each edge with two fingers.

When taking a bowl with three covers, we should put our index finger on the cover knob, and gently hold the lid with skill. Note that the strength should not be too great, just lightly put it on and just use enough strength to control the lid. Then use your thumb and middle finger to squeeze the edge of the bowl lid inwardly, so that you can take it firmly.

Following this method, it is easy to hold the lid of a bowl tightly, however, proper etiquette should be observed and the fingers must not be raised nor towards the front or people as it is impolite. If it is a male tea server, whose hands are bigger, he may grab the lid with his whole hand and then pour out the tea at will.

You can also use your thumb to press the cover of the lid, letting out a gap. Hold the bottom support with your index and little finger, then gently lift up all three parts. Tilt the teapot to pour the tea and it will give off an impression of boldness and intrepidity. It will also make people feel that the person brewing the tea is open-minded.

This method of taking three talents to cover the bowl is actually quite difficult and only suitable for casual occasions. In some parts of Guangdong, many men brew tea this way. Although this method is not very elegant, as long as we can hold it firmly, there is not much fuss about it.

The correct gesture to drink tea with a lid on the bowl is to hold the bowl with both hands and bring it up towards your face.

When picking up a lid bowl, keep your gesture level and steady, with your index finger in the center, press lightly on the lid bowl. Use your middle finger and thumb to pinch the middle of the lid bowl respectively and act quickly. When starting to pour tea, loosen the index finger slightly and lean it forward so that the lid bowl will open automatically. Pour out the tea soup while keeping your middle finger at a balanced angle and height in order not to spill hot tea and burn yourself.

Cover the bowl when drinking tea to avoid scalding your hands. Therefore, pay attention to the technique when using it; otherwise, if you don’t use the right method, you may easily get burned!