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When making tea in daily life, it is more common to use the teapot with a lid. The lid of the teapot can fulfill people’s needs of brewing and tasting tea during a tea-drinking activity, making it an simple and practical tool for making tea that can be used by both men and women. Now let us take a closer look at how men should use the teapot with a lid to make tea.

The technique of making tea with a cup lid for men.

Grabbing the bowl method

This method is not used by many people and the posture is not as gentle as the three-finger technique. Moreover, because the whole hand holds onto the lid, it is easy to burn one’s hand. In tea art performances, this technique is mostly used by men. The key points of this technique are to adjust the size of the open lid first; then press down with the thumb and place other fingers against the bottom of the lid. With the lid facing oneself, hold it vertically and pour out soup. This technique has a simple operation and can be mastered with one hand, making it appear bold and grandiose, thus more suitable for use by men.

Technique must be steady.

Generally, men are very steady when brewing tea with a lid bowl. However, women are not as steady. Especially when pouring out the tea after brewing, the temperature of the tea is very hot. In this aspect, men usually have an advantage, they can hold up the cup steadily without getting burned and move quickly.

What size cup is appropriate for men?

Generally speaking, men need a bigger cover bowl since they drink more tea and do it more often. If the biggest cover bowl is to be mentioned, it should be about 300cc. Anything bigger would be an oversized cover bowl which not only looks clumsy but also is not suitable for even the elderly. 150ml is the most suitable size.

Instructions for Beginners on How to Brew Tea Using a Teapot

1. Place loose tea leaves in the teapot.

2. Fill the teapot with boiled water.

3. Let the tea steep for about 5 minutes, depending on your preference for strength of the brew.

4. Use a strainer or a lid attached to the teapot to pour out the brewed tea into cups or mugs.

5. Enjoy your freshly brewed cup of tea!

Choose the lid knob not too low, too low knob can conduct heat quickly and easily burn your hand.

Do not fill the bowl with water too full, as the tea soup may spill out and scald your hand. After putting the tea leaves into the bowl, just add enough water to cover them.

3. The gap between the lid and the bowl should not be too big, as steam coming out from it easily scalds the hand. Therefore, in order to prevent being scalded, one can practice the technique of lifting the lid before serving the soup.

Cover the bowl when making tea, pay attention to gesture. Keep your hands steady and let the tea flow evenly from the cup without touching your hands.

For beginners of tea, it is common to not be able to cover the bowl properly. The fair cup is unable to stand vertically and the tea soup will flow along the tilted position, which is very easy to burn one’s hands. Sometimes when pouring tea and getting burned, one has to stop and the remaining tea soup in the covered bowl will contact and steep with the tea leaves again, which will also affect the taste of the tea soup. Therefore, in order to brew a good cup of tea, besides mastering some basic principles, one also needs to understand the kind of tea being brewed as well as practice regularly in order to get an extra delicious taste.

This concludes the article. Covering bowls to brew tea can be used by both men and women. It is simple, easy to learn, does not absorb the flavor of tea, has a quick thermal conductivity, practicality, elegance and beauty. The tea brewed with this method tastes better. However, beginners should be careful when using it for the first time and follow the correct steps to avoid burning oneself.