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The reason for scalding hands when making tea with a bowl cover, in addition to operational issues, is also due to the problem of the bowl cover itself. To avoid scalding hands, it is necessary to choose a suitable bowl cover. So, what kind of bowl cover is easy to use and not scalding? Let’s learn more about it.

What type of bowl is useful and not hot to the touch?

Cover the bowl and cup body with a certain degree of curvature.

The cup body of the cover bowl has a certain curvature, which can alleviate the transmission of heat. When fingers hold it, they won’t be scalded by high temperature. If the cup body does not have curvature, high temperature will quickly spread to the rim of the cup, making it difficult for fingers to bear.

The lid of the bowl and the rim of the cup should be kept at a certain distance.

Keep a certain distance between the lid and the rim of the cup, which will block off the heat in the middle, so that the temperature of the rim won’t be too high. This way, your fingers won’t get burned. If the lid and rim are too close, then the heat will quickly transfer to the rim, making it unbearable for your fingers.

The distance between the two sides of the bowl should be appropriate.

When selecting a lid for a bowl, grasp the left and right sides of the lid with your thumb and index finger to feel if the distance is appropriate. If it can be easily lifted up, it means that it is suitable; if it is more laborious, it means that it is not suitable for you. When you can easily pick up the lid with your fingers, only one point of your finger supports the lid, so the area touched by the lip of the lid is small and it will not be too hot. If your fingers cannot easily lift up the lid, your fingers will support the lid with a larger area, which makes it easy to get burned. Therefore, when selecting a lid, grasping the distance between the left and right sides of the cup mouth is also very important.

The lid cap on the bowl lid should have a certain thickness.

When using the teacup lid, the thumb and index finger should grip the cup rim while the food finger should press inward to hold the lid in place so that it won’t fall off when pouring out tea. The temperature of the lid is quite high during steeping, so it needs to have a certain thickness in order to insulate heat and prevent scalding fingers. If the lid’s thickness is too thin, then the heat will transfer quickly to outer wall and fingers won’t be able to bear it.

Cover the bowl when you steep tea so it won’t burn your hands.

When pouring tea, place your index finger on the lid button, and your thumb and middle finger along the rim of the teacup to support it. Then use your wrist strength to pour the soup. Pay attention to:

Before picking up to brew, slightly open the lid, forming a gap between the lid and the tea bowl, but not too wide.

Take the teacup with your thumb and index finger between them, so as to avoid being scalded by the tea soup.

Pour water into the tea leaves until it reaches two-thirds of the container, otherwise even experienced tea brewers would find it too hot.

If you are not careful when using a lid to make tea, it can burn your hand. Therefore, we must be careful when making tea with a lid. The right way of operation and the right lid for you can avoid burning your hands as much as possible, so it is important to choose the right lid and master the correct use method.