• by vinux

Men and women have differences in using cups. How to drink tea with a cup varies from person to person.

How to make a good cup of tea with a covered bowl depends on the actual situation. The normal capacity of the covered bowl is usually between 100ml and 300ml, and different people will choose according to their needs.

Women like the bowl cover.

Women’s hands are smaller, so they need small and delicate tea sets.

Women’s hands are usually smaller, and they need small tea sets. When choosing a covered bowl, its size should generally not exceed 150ml. Therefore, the most suitable covered bowl size is between 100-150ml.

Of course, it can be even smaller, which is 80ml, and this size of bowl lid also exists.

How big is a bowl with a capacity of 150ml generally? The mouth diameter is about 9cm, and the height is around 8cm.

In my opinion, if women use it, it can be a bit smaller – 120ml would be the most suitable. This size of cover bowl is moderate, and if the material is thin-bodied cover bowl, it will not feel heavy when held in the hand, nor will it scald the hand. This is the best choice.

Men like the bowl cover.

Men drink more tea and more often than women, so they need larger teacups.

Generally, men drink more tea and drink it more often, so they need a bigger lid for their cup.

Speaking of the largest bowl, it’s almost 300cc.

In other words, the larger ones are like giant bowls, not only heavy but also not very nice-looking, which is not suitable even for big masters. The 150ml size is the most appropriate one.

When buying bowls, please pay attention to:
1. Quality: Check the material of the bowl and whether it is safe and durable.
2. Size: Choose a size that suits your needs.
3. Appearance: Select one with a pleasing design.

When selecting a bowl, besides capacity, also pay attention to the bowl mouth and lid knob.

A wide mouth: The distance between the bowl body and the lid is wide, so that tea water does not easily overflow and burn hands.

Two High Knob: The knob is recessed, the knob is short from the lid, and your finger pressing on it actually gets hot. The knob is made higher and easier to put and take away.