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Learning to make tea with a lid-covered bowl is always the first step. Holding the lid with grace takes practice. Many newbies usually complain that the lid is too hot to handle! When they take it, their hands shake, their gestures are clumsy, and they often end up dropping it and burning their delicate fingers. They can’t help but think that experienced practitioners are not afraid of the heat because they must be used to it!

The lid bowl does not rob the tea fragrance, nor does it cover its shortcomings. It only faithfully reflects the characteristics of the tea itself! Moreover, not one lid bowl is used to brew one kind of tea, but one lid bowl in hand can brew famous teas all over the world! The lid bowl can control the size of the lid opening. The large mouth of the lid bowl can also adjust water temperature and strength according to different kinds of teas by changing the way of filling water. It can filter out the tea soup in the shortest time, and the bottom of the leaves is clear at a glance. The large mouth of the lid bowl makes it easy to pour out tea leaves without having to root through them like a teapot, which really is lazy people’s favorite.

The biggest disadvantage of covering a bowl to steep tea is that it can be too hot to handle! So how can we prevent this?

Choose the right bowl.

The distance between the rim of the bowl and the edge of the lid should be wide enough, so it won’t burn your hands. The same applies to teacups. As for lids, if the knobs are concave and close to the lid, your fingers will get burned if you press on it. If the knobs are higher up, then your fingers won’t get burned.

Remove the lid and leave it off.

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The correct way to hold a bowl with a lid.

The Three-Finger Method: a common technique used by women, using three fingers to hold a lid for a bowl. The Three-Finger Method is elegant and the most popular way to hold lids. The lid has a knob which serves as the part to grab when opening and pressing down when closing. When pouring out soup, adjust the size of the opening on the lid and place your index finger on the knob. With your thumb and middle finger, grab both sides of the bowl’s rim, curving your ring finger and pinky slightly inwards towards your middle finger without touching the lid. Hold it vertically to pour out soup. Note that ring finger and pinky should not be lifted up like orchid fingers, as this is considered impolite in tea art.

The spoon-holding method: not many people use it, mainly because it’s hot to hold the entire bowl with one hand. Men are more likely to use this method. The key point of this way is to adjust the size of the lid opening first, press the lid button with your thumb, and other fingers stick to the ring foot at the bottom of the cover bowl. Hold the cover bowl with one palm, and let the direction of the lid face yourself and keep the bottom of pot against you, then lift it up vertically to pour out soup. It is convenient to operate with only one hand and it is grand and magnificent for those who are used to using this method.