• by vinux

I love to drink tea, so I often buy teapots. Since I have been drinking tea for many years, I have bought many kinds of teapots, such as iron pots, copper pots, glass pots, porcelain pots, stone pots, purple sand pots and so on. But in the end, my favorite is still the purple sand pot. From the initial infatuation to the later obsession and even the emotional torture of death and life, until today’s detachment to play around are all due to the infinite charm of purple sand pot!

A small purple sand pot is not only a crystallization of water, fire, and soil, but also an indispensable and incomparable holy object with practicality, playability and collectability, integrating many artistic means. Purple sand has many admirable advantages. Let’s not mention its unique and irreplaceable mineral deposits and non-renewable characteristics, nor the richness of minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body, as well as its unique air permeability due to its molecular structure.

Personally, I believe the reason why people are so enamored with purple sand teapots is due to its perfect artistry. It encompasses a dozen artistic forms such as shaping, modeling, colors (including twining and hanging glazing), calligraphy, painting, seal carving, sculpture (including hollowing), pottery carving, inlay, and flower pattern sticking, even up to the kiln transformation process. Such variety and abundance of changes!

At the same time, with the tea person’s care and the tea juice’s nourishment, the mysterious light of years will also be added to its pearl skin and jade skin. As a practical utensil that has been passed down for thousands of years, only purple sand pot has exquisite artistry, thus growing into a favorite of the collection circle; as a countless traditional handicrafts, only purple sand pot is still closely related to people’s daily life, thus making scholars and tea lovers intoxicated and crazy. We can no longer find any kind of practical utensils or works of art that can compare with it, but can only play drums and cry out!