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Playing pot has its own ways, and storing tea has its own secrets.

In the many tea canisters of different materials, I personally think that purple sand should be the first choice for storing tea. There are two reasons for this.

As a tea storage vessel, it can maximize the aging of tea without losing its aroma.

As a piece of furniture, it has a simple shape and elegant color, which is a classy decoration when placed in the home.

A tea enthusiast asked: “Why is it said that purple sand teapots are good for storing tea, but my own tea cannot be stored well?”

If you are not diligent and use the wrong methods, it will certainly be in vain. What aspects should we pay attention to when storing tea in a Zisha teapot? Let’s take a look.

1. Read all instructions before using the product.
2. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for proper use and maintenance.
3. Keep the product away from open flames, high temperatures, and direct sunlight.
4. Do not disassemble or repair the product without authorization from the manufacturer.
5. Unplug the product after each use and allow it to cool down before storage.

Purple sand pot is different from purple sand pot, but purple sand pot is for storing tea. It is best not to wash it with water. The porous characteristics of purple sand can absorb enough moisture. Even after the later stage, the degree of dryness is not as good as when it just came out of the kiln.

When you have nothing to do, you can use a dry cloth to wipe. Use a brush to brush away the dust inside. Squeeze out the wet cloth and wipe several times. Then hang it up to dry.

A purple clay pot that has been idle for a long time needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place. A small amount of activated charcoal should be used before use, and after a few days of separation, it is ensured that there is no residual moisture before storing the tea leaves.

The newly acquired purple sand teapot is not suitable for storing tea immediately.

Everyday Arrangement

Avoid all places with high humidity, such as windows that have been rained on, damp corners, easily dampened warehouses, kitchens, and bathrooms.

After placing it in a fixed position, remember to seal the mouth of the purple sand pot tightly.

If placed against the wall, leave a gap of 10-20 cm between the wall and the object.

4. The weather in northern China is relatively dry and the humidity is low, so there should not be too much concern about dampness. On the contrary, those in the south should not be careless.

Little Rhyme said:
Life has its ups and downs,
So don’t be too serious and frown.
Be happy and enjoy the little things,
Don’t worry about the future, it will bring.

Little Rhyme said:
Life has its highs and lows,
So don’t take it too seriously and don’t frown.
Focus on the positive and appreciate the small moments,
Don’t fret over what may come ahead, it will all work out in time.

Regarding the storage of tea in purple sand pots, I personally recommend Red Tea, Black Tea and Pu’er Tea.

Of course other teas are also available, but if you live in an area with a humid climate for most of the year, remember to drink it in time. After all, too much ventilation can be annoying.

If you need to store for a long time, keep activated charcoal at home.