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Typically, a purple clay teapot can be used to brew oolong, black, white, and green tea.
Brewing tea with a purple sand pot, the tea aroma is strong and long lasting. The mouth of the purple sand pot is small and tightly closed, and the inner wall of the pot is rough, which can effectively prevent the loss of fragrance too early. After a long time using a purple sand teapot, it can form a glaze, which makes the tea soup more mellow and fragrant than other ordinary teapots. However, not all kinds of tea are suitable for brewing in a purple sand pot, so it should be distinguished carefully. So what kind of tea is generally brewed in a purple sand pot? Next, let’s learn about it together.

Purple sand pot is best used for brewing semi-fermented or fully fermented teas, such as Tieguanyin, Dongding Oolong, Pu’er tea, and Danzong. Of course, different specifications of purple sand pot have different characteristics, so different specifications of purple sand pot are suitable for brewing different teas, as follows:

Purple sand teapot is usually used to brew tea with high pitch frequency, which is suitable for teas with strong aroma such as green tea. Lower pitch pot is more suitable for teas with stronger taste such as Oolong and Tie Guan Yin.

Teapots with a capacity of less than 200ml are best suited for drinking Tie Guan Yin, as the teapot can reach high temperatures instantly, which meets the requirements of brewing Tie Guan Yin. (such as Xu Bian, He Huan, Fang Gu, etc.)

Pu’er tea and black tea require longer heat preservation, so it is best to use a deep and narrow purple sand pot of about 250ml (such as stone gourd, Xishi pot, etc.) for drinking Pu’er tea and black tea.

Approximately 250ml purple sand pot with a wide mouth is a better choice for making green tea, since green teas are not suitable for high temperature soaking for a long time. It requires the tea ware to dissipate heat quickly, such as ancient-style pots, well grid pot, column base and shallow flat pots etc.

What kind of tea is suitable for steeping in a square purple clay teapot?

The key to making a square purple sand pot lies in the evenness of the clay material, which makes it difficult and prone to failure when piecing together. The inner angles of the square shape make it difficult for tea leaves to roll and water flow to be blocked; however, its square appearance is eye-catching in terms of modelling, so its aesthetic value can be considered greater than its practical function. Using a square purple sand pot to brew ripe Pu’er tea can bring out the full flavor of Pu’er, making it very suitable.

What kind of tea is suitable for a flat purple sand teapot?

A flat-shaped purple sand pot, suitable for brewing twisted Wuyi Tea. For example, a piece of mud purple sand pot is used to brew roasted Wuyi Tea. The purple sand pot always hides the dryness of roasting and fully expresses the charm that tea should have.

The ratio of Yixing Zisha Pottery made into a flat pot is low. The reason is that the success rate of this pot shape (that is, the so-called “yield”) is low. This flat pot shape has a full sense of stability, allowing the strip-like tea leaves to settle in the pot and release their fragrant aroma. When pouring water, due to the short wall of the flat pot, the water flow naturally has a buffer, plus the narrow space inside the pot, tea leaves are more easily soaked in water without warming or heating, and gently expel its essence. The space of flat pots does not allow any private thoughts, which just gives Wuyi Rock Tea its original flavor and taste. Therefore, for brewing aged Wuyi tea or reducing the baking flavor of tea leaves by using teapot, flat zisha teapot will be most suitable.

What kind of tea is suitable for a round purple sand pot?

Experience has shown that a round purple clay teapot is most suitable for brewing oolong tea. Why? Because oolong tea dries in a ball shape, and a round pot provides enough space for the half-ball shaped tea leaves to fully unfold. If you love oolong tea, the most practical choice would be to buy a round purple clay teapot because after brewing the tea, the circular walls of the pot will allow water to flow smoothly within it, thus creating a warm bond between water and tea leaves and optimizing the infusion of the tea.

A round purple sand pot is suitable for brewing oolong tea. Next, we can consider the material used for the round pot, as the same round pot used with different materials will also affect the tea brewing effect. Only by understanding comprehensively can we buy a practical round pot and not “pot” in “pot” again.

Generally, using original ore purple sand to make teapots is the most basic requirement for buyers, but which kind of clay material has the best tea-making performance? Zhu clay? Duan clay? According to summarization: Zhu clay has the best conductivity, but it might not be able to bring out the best aroma of high mountain Oolong tea! The important thing is that you must personally brew the tea for testing in order to get a good pairing between the teapot and tea, to understand the relationship between clay and its tea-making performance, and ultimately to return back to the original point of making teapot with tea as its core.

That’s all for the introduction. Different types of purple tea pots are suitable for different teas, so when you use a purple tea pot to make tea, you can choose the right one according to your own pot. Purple tea pots are good for making tea because they keep the temperature longer and don’t burn your hands easily, while also preserving the aroma of the tea.