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Original title: How to take care of a purple clay teapot? | Micro Putang “8”

Answer: Purple clay teapots are an important part of Chinese tea culture, so taking care of them is essential. Here are 8 tips on how to properly maintain your teapot:
1) Rinse the pot with boiling water before and after each use.
2) Don’t let the pot sit in water for too long as it may cause cracks or damage.
3) When washing, use soft brush and gentle soap without any strong smell.
4) Handle the pot with care and don’t put too much pressure on the lid.
5) Avoid using detergent with bleach or chlorine when cleaning your pot.
6) Place the pot in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
7) Regularly check for cracks or other damage, and repair them if necessary.
8) Use special wooden boxes to store tea sets when not in use.


Raising a teapot is a patient task. The best way to do it is to avoid being impatient and seeking instant success, and to often make tea.

Whenever making tea, first pour hot water onto the teapot to warm it up, then fill the pot with boiling water so that the pores on the inner surface of the purple-clay teapot can be heated up and absorb moisture to form an insulating layer. Cover the pot with its lid and let it rest for around 1 minute before pouring out the water. For a newly used teapot, after brewing tea, one can store the tea leaves inside for cleaning again in the next day. However, be careful not to soak it in a vessel of water as this might cause an uneven color on its surface.

When washing the pot, first use clean water to clean the tea residue in the pot, then use boiling water to flush the purple sand pot from outside to inside. Pour out the hot water in the pot and use a slightly wet tea towel to wipe it while the body of the pot is still hot. When wiping the pot, pay special attention to places such as the spout, joint between handle and pot body, inner edge and outer edge of lid, button on lid, etc., which are most easily neglected and accumulate tea stain (zi), affecting maintenance effect. Finally put the wiped purple sand pot on a display rack, open the lid and naturally air dry.

4. The teapots have life and need the same patience, perseverance, and enjoyment as caring for tea. With proper care, the purple clay pots can return to their owners like old tea.