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Glass teaware is mainly suitable for grass tea, black tea, green tea, Pu’er tea, fruit tea, health tea and craft flower tea, as well as coffee series, and has a high ornamental value and interestingness.

Glassware is best used to brew which tea?

Red Tea

We usually use glass teapots from glass tea sets to brew black tea, because black tea has a very beautiful color of the soup, using a glass teapot can clearly show its beauty. In the process of brewing black tea, because the glass tea set is transparent, it can clearly see the changes of black tea in the posture of glass tea set. Especially when brewing some high-end black tea, it will tightly present the beauty of black tea. At the same time, we can also feel another kind of beauty brought by tea leaves while tasting tea.

Green tea

Using glass teapots to brew green tea is the best, because it does not absorb the flavor of the tea. When brewing green tea, it is best to not have a lid so that it won’t over-steep. Secondly, pay attention to the water temperature; green tea should be brewed with water at around 80°C because it is made from fresh leaves of tea trees and high temperatures will spoil them. Therefore, when brewing green tea, we usually use glass straight cups, which allow us to better grasp some methods and skills for brewing green tea.

Puer Tea

We can also use glassware when making Puer tea, because glassware will not absorb the flavor of the tea soup. During the brewing process, it can perfectly show the mellow aroma of Puer tea. In our leisure time, we can slowly taste the fragrance of Puer tea. When choosing glassware to make tea, we usually choose glass teapots, because Puer tea has a higher concentration, so we choose a larger glass teapot to avoid the tea soup being too strong. When making Puer tea, we should control the amount of tea leaves to twenty percent of the body of the glass teapot. It is better to dry the tea leaves for two weeks before brewing, so that the brewed Puer tea will be more thick.

Fruit Tea

In our daily life, we also use glass teaware when we are in Chinese society, because we all know that fruit tea is made by drying fruits. When using glass teaware to brew fruit tea, we can clearly see the process of each kind of dried fruit changing in the water. While tasting tea, we can also see its trajectory and phone clearly, which is also a different kind of enjoyment.

The benefits of brewing tea with glass teaware:
1. Glass is non-porous, so it does not absorb any flavors or odors from the tea.
2. Glass allows you to watch the tea as it steeps, enabling you to better gauge when it is finished.
3. The transparency of glass gives a beautiful visual experience when brewing tea.
4. Glass does not react with hot water and will not affect the flavor of your tea like some other materials can.

Glass teaware is suitable for making tea as it cools down quickly. It gives you more control over the water temperature and helps to preserve the original flavor of the tea leaves.

Among all kinds of material cups, glass cups are the healthiest. Glass teaware is made of high-boron-silicate heat-resistant glass by blowing, and no organic chemicals are produced in the process of burning. Therefore, people do not have to worry about chemical substances when drinking water or other beverages with glass cups.

3. The glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, making it difficult for bacteria and dirt to breed on the cup wall.

Among the many glass teaware, the most common is the tea cup. Using a tea cup to brew tea allows you to view the color of the tea soup, the appearance of the tea leaves, as well as how they drift and suspend in the brewing process, all at once.

Glass teaware is transparent in texture, dazzling in luster, highly malleable in shape and varied in form, with a wide range of uses. Tea brewed in glass cups presents a bright and vivid color of tea soup and delicate and soft leaves of tea. Watching the leaves rise and fall in the cup and gradually unfolding of the leaf petals is particularly enjoyable, especially when brewing various high-quality teas. The glass teaware is crystal clear, with light mist hazing over the cup and clear green liquid inside, with buds standing upright. It is pleasing to the eye and has its unique charm. There are also glass tea seas and tasting cups, where the color and brightness of tea soup can be seen at a glance, far superior to that of ceramic teaware.