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Nowadays, many people choose to use glass tea ware because its material is healthy and lead-free and non-toxic. In the process of using it, due to its material, it will not absorb the aroma of the tea soup, which can better show us the original flavor of the tea soup. Therefore, glass tea ware is becoming more and more popular. However, when using glass tea ware, we need to pay attention to some issues. If we don’t pay attention to them, some unpredictable phenomena may occur. So how can we make tea with glass tea ware without bursting?

How to brew tea with glassware without exploding?

Select good quality.

If the quality of the tea leaves is average, do not use freshly boiled water. Instead, fill a thermos with boiling water and pour it into the teapot for making tea, allowing a cooling process in between.

Also, do not pour cold water immediately after pouring ice water; alternating between hot and cold water can also easily cause it to crack.

Glass teaware is suitable for brewing what kind of tea?

High-end famous tea, especially green tea, can be brewed in a transparent glass cup. While brewing, enjoy watching the color and shape of the tea; while drinking it, experience its unique pleasure.

Green tea can be brewed in a porcelain teacup or teapot; jasmine tea can be brewed in the form of lid bowl tea for drinking.

Red tea, especially broken red tea, is best brewed in a glass cup to make the reddish tea soup even more inviting. Red tea can also be brewed in a teapot and then drunk from a coffee cup. When drinking, sugar or milk can be added at will, similar to drinking coffee, giving it a unique “Western” flavor. High-end red teas can also be brewed in ornate and colorful teaware such as Junhong, Jihong or Guangcai.

Oolong tea should be brewed in a purple sand teapot and drunk from a small cup. Alternatively, warm porcelain teaware can be used to brew the tea with boiling water, which helps preserve its strong aroma.

How to distinguish the quality of glass teaware?


Many people are puzzled. The material of glass teaware is glass, why do we still need to talk about the material? Because there are different grades of the material. For example, the price of sodium calcium glass will be cheaper, while crystal glass will be more expensive. But generally speaking, people choose more crystal glass materials because its health level is higher and can make many tea lovers feel assured to drink tea.


When it comes to buying glass teaware, you can also look at its quality. The quality can be seen very carefully with the naked eye. Some manufacturers do not consider the quality issue in the production process and just produce a glass teaware for sale. Of course, such glass teaware is relatively cheap in terms of price. It depends on everyone’s choice. If you want a better price-performance ratio, you can choose a lower price but acceptable quality. If it is used at a banquet or a higher level place, it is still recommended that we choose better quality glass teaware, which would be better.

Processing Technology

In terms of processing technology, it is also taken into consideration. If the technology is relatively low, the produced glass teapot will not be very advanced. In fact, this also requires understanding of the processing technology when purchasing glass teapots, so as not to let oneself fall into a pit.

Nowadays, drinking tea has become a popular trend and it is one of the main drinks in our lives. We often see many people drinking tea as it also has health benefits. People have been paying more attention to health issues, making tea an important part of their daily lives. However, when using different types of teaware to brew tea, we need to pay attention to some issues. Different people may choose different types of teaware for their different kinds of tea due to the various properties of these teas. The material used for the teaware should be chosen according to those properties in order to brew the tastiest cup of tea.