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Enjoying a cup of tea brings a pleasant mood. The teaware should be pleasing to the eye as well. Taking time to carefully select and purchase the tea ware, brewing a pot of good tea is rewarding oneself as well as showing respect for life.

The teapot is the father of tea, and good tea sets can perfectly set off the color, fragrance, flavor and shape of tea. In China, there are many kinds and styles of tea sets, among which teapots and teacups are mainly made of purple sand and porcelain, as well as various materials such as metal, enamel, glass and so on.

Choose the tea set according to local conditions.

China has a vast area with different tea drinking customs in different places, and the habits of drinking tea are slightly different.

In the areas north of Yangtze River, people tend to prefer covered ceramic cups for brewing flower tea; in cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou in the Yangtze Delta, people like to drink delicate famous teas, so they especially like to use glass or white porcelain cups to make tea.

In Fujian and Guangdong, Chaozhou, Shantou and its vicinity, it is accustomed to drink oolong tea with small cups. Therefore, “Four Treasures for Tea-Making” are selected: Yushu (Shiwei), Chaoshan stove, Mengchen pot and Ruochen teapot.

Tea lovers most love purple clay teaware.

Common in our life and beloved by tea drinkers, Purple Sand teaware not only preserves the aroma of tea but also lacks boiled soup smell, which other teawares cannot compare to. Purple Sand teaware has now gone far beyond its simple function of making tea. Its unique shape, exquisite patterns, and the fame of the potters have made it a favorite for tea drinkers and collectors alike.

Tea sets divided into hot and cold.

Different types of tea have different requirements for teaware, especially some special types of tea, which require special teaware in order to brew its unique quality and enjoy its unique charm.

Green Tea: Transparent glass cup, or white porcelain, celadon, blue and white porcelain teaware.

Wulong Tea, Black Tea: Purple Sand Teapot, or White Porcelain Teapot.

Red Tea: Purple Sand, White Porcelain, Red Glaze Porcelain, Warm Color Porcelain teapots or coffee pots.

Flower Tea: Blue Porcelain, Blue and White Tea Sets.

Yellow Tea: Milk White or Yellow Glazed Porcelain and Yellow-Orange Tea Set.

White tea: White porcelain and inner walls with colored black porcelain tea set.

Select tea utensils according to the tea.

Tea ceremony has many requisites, but in terms of its outward form, the utensils are quite important. Appropriate utensils can sort the tea into each individual’s portion.

For example, green tea can be brewed in either a porcelain teacup or a glass cup.

For Oolong tea, the emphasis is on “sipping”. It is best to brew it with a purple sand pot and drink from a small teacup. Alternatively, warm porcelain tea ware can also be used. After brewing with boiling water, cover the pot to retain its strong aroma.

Brew high-end red tea in a decoration and colorful teaware. Red broken tea should be brewed in a high-glass cup to make the red tea soup even more attractive; it can also be brewed in a teapot and then drunk from a coffee cup. Sugar or milk can be added at will when drinking, similar to drinking coffee, giving it an unique “Western” flavor.

Jasmine tea can be brewed in the form of covered bowl tea. Around the use of tea, tea brewing, serving and tasting of tea water, there are various kinds of teaware.

For example, a set of formal Kung Fu tea sets requires more than ten different utensils, which include teapot, teakettle, tea boat, tea sea, cup, aroma cup, cup holder, teaspoon, tea hoof, tea needle, filter cup, tea towel, water basin and so on. These objects are all small and exquisite.

Choose your favorite tea set, when selecting the tea set it is best to choose what you like, there is no need to be overly particular.

Price should not be the major consideration; instead, practicality should be taken into account. The tea set should not only fit the tea, but also the person who brews it. For someone who drinks tea every day, whether or not the set is good-looking does not really matter; what matters most is comfort. If it’s for collection purpose, that would be a different story.