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A purple sand lid cup is one of the tea sets, which is made of purple sand clay. Its main origin is Yixing in Jiangsu Province, that is to say, the purple sand lid cups sold in our country market are all made of purple sand clay in Yixing. The purple sand clay there is also very special. As it is made of purple sand clay and no other chemical raw materials are involved, the purple sand lid cup has more characteristics than other tea sets.

The advantages of a Purple Sand Cup:
1. Purple sand cups have a distinctive glaze that imbues them with an exquisite look and feel.
2. The clay used to make purple sand cups is carefully chosen for its porous nature; this allows the tea to “breathe” in the cup, allowing for better flavor and aroma.
3. The inherent porosity of the cups ensures that every sip will taste slightly different depending on the brewing temperature of the tea used.
4. Finally, purple sand cups are considered to be one of the best vessels for steeping oolong tea, as they help to bring out the most delicate notes in its flavor profile.

The taste, aroma and color of tea brewed in a purple sand cup is incomparable to that of any other teaware, and can even remain unchanged for several days even under hot weather.

2. The various minerals and trace elements in purple sand mud have a health-care effect on the human body.

3. Purple Sand cups are practical, elegant in shape, combining practicality and decoration into one, making them an exquisite gift! And it will last forever.

Using it for a long time, not only will the purple sand cup not have any wear and tear or scratches, instead it will become glossy and smooth like jade due to absorbing the tea oil from the tea soup, making it hard to part with.

The benefits of drinking tea from a purple clay teapot include releasing the flavor of the tea in a more natural way, reducing its bitterness and balancing the cooling effect of certain varieties. The porous nature of purple clay also helps keep the tea hot for longer periods.

The purple sand pot mouth is small and tight, the inner wall of the pot is rough, which can effectively prevent the aroma from dissipating too early. After long-term use of purple sand pot, a layer of brownish red tea rust accumulates on the inner wall. The more time it is used, the more tea rust accumulates on the inner wall, so the tea soup becomes more mellow and fragrant after brewing. For long-term use of purple sand pot, even if you don’t put tea in it and just pour boiling water in it, there will still be an attractive tea scent that ordinary teaware can not achieve.

Purple sand teapot for making tea, and it can keep warm for a long time. Due to many small bubbles inside the pot wall, these bubbles are filled with stationary air, which is a poor heat conductor; therefore, the purple sand pot has good thermal insulation performance.

Using a purple sand teapot to brew tea, the handle is comfortable to hold. Purple sand teapots have a slightly higher coefficient of expansion than porcelain teapots, and without glaze, there is no problem of mud-glaze stress; After being fired, purple sand teapots have very little glass, which has enough ability to overcome sudden temperature changes caused by cold and hot temperatures, so it has slow thermal conductivity. Purple sand tea pots have excellent adaptability to rapid temperature changes from cold to hot. Even after steaming in hundreds of degrees Celsius, it can be thrown into freezing snow without bursting.

The purple sand pot inside and outside does not glaze, keep a tiny pore, good air permeability, but not waterproof, and has strong adsorption. This is incomparable to ordinary teapots. It can keep the aroma oil in the tea leaves volatilizing when heated to form fragrance, improve the late acidity of the soup, and have convergence and sterilization effect. So it can slightly delay the spoilage of tea water. The so-called “holding heat overnight without spoilage”, the reason lies here.