Chinese Celadon Kung Fu Tea Set with Embossed Design

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Product Category: Tea ware Set
Material: Ceramics
Ceramic Classification: Celadon
Specification: 12
Origin: Dehua
Packaging: gift box
Surface technology: celadon
Tea tray: No
Packing Number: 1 Box 15 Sets
Tea ceremony accessories: none
Boiling Water Function: No

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Green and white glaze: tranquil as water

Only glaze once, the glaze surface is as clear as water, the carcass is so delicate that it can see the shade under light, the temperament is elegant, plus the preferred ceramic mud, the fired porcelain is lustrous as jade, and the feel is delicate, bringing fresh and elegant beauty to tea life.

Penetrating shadow

Blue relief craft, just like beautiful jade, clear and transparent

Tea drain

The two pieces are combined into one, the clear tea soup gently flows out from the tea drain net, making the tea soup more pure and sweet in nature.

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Weight 0.5 kg

hehuachahu, hehuagaiwan, niannianyouyuchahu, niannianyouyugaiwan

2 reviews for Chinese Celadon Kung Fu Tea Set with Embossed Design

  1. Heba Abdeen

    I will be buying again

  2. Nikki Doan

    my mom loved it for her birthday present

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