European Bone Porcelain Glazed Tea Set with Flower and Bird Design

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Material: Bone Porcelain
Origin: Chaozhou
Patterns: Flowers and Birds
Surface technology: glaze color
Component: Teapot, cup, dish, double plate
Product Quality Grade: Excellent Products
Weight: 1kg

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All suits are made of high-grade glazed decorative paper with rich tone, high-temperature firing, excellent color, light and transparent texture.

Pot ear

Teapot ears, which is elegant and generous in curve, is designed according to the comfortable hand holding, which is practical and has aesthetic and high grade.


It is the sets of professionals cans, used for milk cans and sugar cans. And the sugar cans can be used to store milk. You can buy it depending on individual needs. And it can also be used for decoration with the matching color.

Dish cup

It has the characteristics of transparent mirror, sound, light and jade, and has energy, which is totally different from ordinary ceramic utensils and produces magical effects.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg

1 review for European Bone Porcelain Glazed Tea Set with Flower and Bird Design

  1. GGmom1517

    I’m a serious tea drinker and enjoy loose leaf teas — green, oolong, white, pu ehr, black — every morning and late afternoon. Since this tea set arrived a month ago, my wife and I have been enjoying our tea with it every day.

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