Jingdezhen Blue and White Porcelain Tea Set – Antique Ceramic Tea Cups and Bowls

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Tea Plate or Not: No
Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Pottery
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Technology: Colored Glaze
Origin: Dehua
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Chinese Style

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Size: caliber 74mm 58mm, water capacity about 95ml

The Blue And White Rice Peroration Tea Cup is a stunning piece featuring a blue peony painting theme. The blue used is not melancholy or Klein blue, but rather is commonly referred to as Chinese blue. The famous painting “Banquet of the Gods” depicts a large blue and white porcelain bowl from the Ming Dynasty filled with the food of the gods. This cup also uses the traditional Chinese blue to depict classic patterns and features a Chinese seal style with the characters “National Beauty and Natural Fragrance” written on it. These characters not only represent the nickname of the peony flower, but also serve as a metaphor for outstanding beauty.

Genuine Ruyao Tea Cups are perfect for any tea enthusiast, featuring both traditional and modern aesthetics that make them suitable for special or casual events alike. Crafted from high-quality white porcelain and carefully hand-crafted in an open piece design to maintain flavor of teas, they feature an eye-catching ice crack glaze finish to add beauty and texture to the cup itself – ideal as gifts or decorative additions among your tableware collection! This exquisite Ruyao cup makes an impressive statement in your home.

The Genuine Ruyao Tea Cup boasts many advantages:
*It features intricate design elements that accentuate its unique appearance, making it suitable for any special occasion or just simply enjoying tea longer without it getting cold too quickly.
*White porcelain material provides excellent heat preservation properties so that you can take pleasure from sipping on hot drinks longer without them becoming cold too quickly.
*Our hand-crafted open piece design guarantees that the flavors of your tea remain intact for optimal enjoyment, while the luxurious Ice Crack Glaze finish adds texture and depth for an indulgent look and feel.
*With its large single cup capacity and easy cleaning and maintenance process, the Teapot allows you to make enough tea for multiple people at the same time without using multiple cups at the same time.*You’ll find it durable enough for years of enjoyment.

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1 review for Jingdezhen Blue and White Porcelain Tea Set – Antique Ceramic Tea Cups and Bowls

  1. Beth

    These were perfect for a tea tasting I hosted for book club after reading Lisa See’s book The Tea Girl on Hummingbird Lane. They are small,, so not a :cup of tea, but will be cute for other things too. Well made.

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