Celestial Orchid Tea Set


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Chinese Hand-Drawn Orchid Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of this hand-painted ceramic Kung Fu tea set. Inspired by China’s time-honored underglaze decoration technique, this exquisite artistry showcases intricate hand-drawn orchid motifs, revealing the unsurpassed craftsmanship and artistic flair of its makers.

Unveiling the Mastery

Each stroke of the bamboo designs embodies the exceptional skill of the artisans. The delicate patterns evoke the serenity and elegance of nature, while the meticulous execution demonstrates an unparalleled level of artistry.

Tea Ritual Perfection

Beyond its aesthetic splendor, this tea set delivers optimal functionality. The teapot’s ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the extended spout dispenses tea smoothly, avoiding drips. The transparent construction allows for easy monitoring of tea color and eliminates absorption. The complete set includes all essential accessories, eliminating the need for separate purchases.

Thoughtful Design Details

The tureen’s upturned rim adds a touch of visual interest while preventing any potential burns. The fine holes of the ceramic tea filter ensure environmentally friendly and safe filtration. Each utensil features hand-painted bamboo motifs, showcasing segments and leaves that exemplify the exquisite artistic standards.

A Paragon of Grace

Bamboo, deeply revered for its resilience and unwavering spirit, inspires this tea set’s profound meaning. Its artistic representation symbolizes selfless devotion and tenacity, making it an ideal gift that conveys elegance, sophistication, and a heartfelt message.


  • Material: Porcelain
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Set Includes:
    • 8 Tea Cups
    • 1 Fair Cup
    • 1 Host Cup
    • 1 Teapot
    • 1 Gaiwan
    • 1 Tea Washer
    • 1 Tea Caddy
    • 1 Tea Filter
    • 1 Tea Utensil Set
  • Teapot Dimensions: 12.6cm L x 8.8cm H (220 ml)
  • Tea Cup Dimensions: 5.7cm L x 4.4cm H (45 ml)
  • Host Cup Dimensions: 7.4cm L x 6.5cm H (60 ml)
  • Fair Cup Dimensions: 8.8cm L x 8.8cm H (250 ml)
  • Gaiwan Dimensions: 9.8cm L x 8.8cm H (120 ml)
  • Tea Washer Dimensions: 16.2cm L x 8.5cm H (1000 ml)
  • Tea Caddy Dimensions: 8.7cm L x 11cm H (150 ml)
  • Tea Filter Dimensions: 8.6cm L x 4.7cm H
  • Tea Utensil Set Dimensions: 7.5cm L x 9.8cm H


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