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**Embrace the Beauty of Tea Mastery with Our Ceramic and Pottery Gaiwan**

Since its inception in 1350, the Gaiwan remains a captivating vessel used by tea connoisseurs in China. This intricate creation, consisting of a saucer, bowl, and lid, seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance.

At the heart of our Ceramic and Pottery Gaiwan lies the refined art of tea preparation. Begin by placing your chosen tea leaves in the bowl. Add boiling water, allowing it to fill the cup to just below the halfway mark. Swiftly drain the water, using the lid as a strainer to retain the leaves.

Uncover the leaves and savor the invigorating aroma they release. Pour fresh boiling water down the inner surface of the cup, setting the leaves in a gentle spiral. Let them steep briefly before enjoying a sip or pouring the brew into a separate cup to cool.

The Ceramic and Pottery Gaiwan offers an exceptional brewing experience for all types of tea. Its versatility extends to serving as a teapot, providing an easy way to distribute the beverage to pitchers or individual tasting cups.

Crafted from the finest pottery clay, our Gaiwan measures 10.6 cm (4.17″) in width and 7.8 cm (3.07″) in height, featuring a generous capacity of 125 ml (4.23 oz). Its compact size makes it perfect for solo tea sessions or intimate gatherings.

Embrace the ancient tradition of tea preparation and discover the exquisite flavors and aromas that await you. Experience the artistry of the Gaiwan today and elevate your tea journeys to new heights.


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