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Ceramic Tea Tray Tea Pot Tea Cup Set Convenient Travel Teaware Set



Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Surface Technology: Colored Glaze
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Various
Applicable Scene: Home

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Features of this section: complete tea set and tea plate, strong practicability.

Package Included: Tea Tray × 1, Teapot × 1, Teacup × 4, Tea Can × 1

Ji blue glaze is a product of traditional porcelain making process. It is a kind of lime alkali glaze with high temperature. It is also called “Ji blue glaze”, “sacrificial blue glaze” and “Ji Qing glaze”.
The green body is glazed and fired at high temperature. Its glaze color is blue as deep sea, the glaze is even and clean, and the color is stable.

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