Cui Mingzhu Small Leaf Kuding Tea, Rice Bud Tea, Qingshan Green Water Tea


Product Category: Chuanqing
Origin: Sichuan
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
Raw Material and Ingredients: Young Buds of Ilex pubescens
Internal packing: carton
Specialty: Yes
Manufacturer: Sichuan
Storage method: refrigeration
Level: Super Level

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Kuding tea has the characteristics of moist and shady, so it should be planted on shady hillside. The annual average temperature is above 10 C, the annual rainfall is over 1000mm, and the relative humidity is about 80%.

The effect of cooling and reducing fire is obvious. There is no strong bitter and astringent taste of bitter Ding Daye and the sweetness of green tea. After brewing, it is green in color, commonly known as “green hills and green waters”. It is a natural wild plant of Ligustrum lucidum in the family Oleaceae. It has green appearance, green soup color and bright green bottom of leaves.

The content of caffeine in Kuding tea is much lower than that in green tea. It is not addictive to drinking for a long time and does not excite insomnia.

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