Super Grade Wild Kuding Tea Leaves – Bulk Herbal Tea


Storage method: cool and dry
Shelf life: 360 days
Packaging mode: Bulk Tea
Category: Kuding tea
Origin: China
Provinces: Hainan Province
City: San Ya
Applicable Season: Winter, spring, summer and autumn

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Tea Garden

The distribution area of Kuding Tea Garden in Cheng Mai is high in mountain fog and high in minefield. The air is rich in ozone anions, which is very beneficial to the growth of tea plants and the formation of various nutrients. Cheng Mai Kuding tea is planted in Latosol area where volcanic eruption and high temperature burned basalt developed. The soil is rich in various nutrients, minerals and trace elements needed for plant growth. Its soil is formed after the weathering of volcanic rocks for tens of thousands of years. Tea farm is surrounded by basin-like terrain, which is low in the middle, and high around. Weathered volcanic rocks and a large number of organic matter, after millions of years of erosion, accumulated at the bottom of the basin, and became a fertile alluvial plain. In the loose soil, a variety of organic matter and mineral content is quite high, so the content of various nutrients in plants is very high, and Kuding tea produced has the character of sufficient aroma, anti-foaming and high oil content.


Inheritance of Traditional Ancient Law

Hundreds of years ago, farmers used the most primitive technology to start cooking with red brick, stir-frying with iron tripod, baking with acacia wood without anxiety, urgency and utilitarianism. Although they stood in front of the burning stove and sweated like rain, they were willing to sweat like eating sweet things because they knew that these were the gifts of nature. No matter how meticulous and patient they were, it was what they should do. And they inherited an ancient method of nature and brought you through the fragrance and charm of history.

Distinguishing good Kuding Tea and bad Kuding Tea

In terms of taste, Kuding Tea with good quality is bitter before sweet. And the bitterness of good quality Kuding Tea is acceptable mellow taste, which has no odor. The sweet taste of Kuding Tea with good quality is the aftertaste and it is not strong. The taste is mellow and no sweetness. The mouth and throat feel mellow and sweet after drinking the Kuding Tea with a good quality.

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