Enameled Porcelain Floral Gaiwan


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Enamel Porcelain Flowers Gaiwan: Brew Artisanal Tea with Grace

Step into a realm of tea artistry with our exquisite Enamel Porcelain Flowers Gaiwan, an ancient Chinese masterpiece that has graced palates for centuries.

Crafted with meticulous care, this Gaiwan embodies the perfect harmony of form and function. Its meticulous saucer, elegant bowl, and sleek lid converge to create a brewing vessel that unveils the true essence of tea.

Indulge in the ancient tea ritual. Place your chosen tea within the Gaiwan, pour in just enough boiling water to touch the base, and swiftly drain to rinse the leaves. Uncover the leaves and savor the captivating aroma that awakens the senses.

Next, pour in fresh boiling water, avoiding the leaves directly. Allow the water to gently agitate the leaves at the base, releasing their full flavor. Savor the brew or pour it into another vessel for a more temperate experience.

Whether you prefer to brew directly in the Gaiwan or use it as a teapot, this versatile masterpiece accommodates your brewing needs. Crafted from premium Enamel Porcelain, it guarantees durability and effortless maintenance.


  • Width: 9.7 cm (3.82 inches)
  • Height: 8.8 cm (3.46 inches)
  • Capacity: 150 ml (5 oz)


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