Fujian Wuyi Mountain Baking White Cockscomb Oolong Tea – Wholesale Bulk Purchase Available

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Storage Method: Sealed, Light Avoidant, Moisture, and Odor
Shelf Lifetime: 1095 Days
Shape: Distorted
Origin: Mainland China
Province: Fujian Province
City: Wuyishan City
Flavor: Fragrance
Taste: clear and fresh
Level: Premium
Growing Season: Spring

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The white cockscomb tea is one of the four famous clusters of Wuyi Mountain. The tea trees in the outer ghost caves of Huiyuan Rock and the back hills of Wuyishan Gongsi, tea leaves are in light green color with a little white, their leaves are unique and strange, the buds are curved and fluffy, its shape as the head of white pheasant. It’s named the white cockscomb green tea hence.

White Cockscomb Green Tea

People start to pick teas in late May each year, mainly picking the two leaves or three leaves. The tea leaves are in green color with a few red, the taste is sweet and long lasting. After baking, the color of the tea leaves is in milky white, and the soup is bright and yellow. While you taste the tea, your mouth and cheeks are filled with fragrant smell, refresh your mind and make you feel spirit. Therefore, people called this tea as “white cockscomb green tea”.

Tea characteristics

One of the four famous clusters, the white cockscomb green tea after brewing exudes a burst of fresh delicate orchid aroma. The palate is smooth, sweet and refreshing, and it’s full of the charm. The soup of white cockscomb green tea is in orange color and clear, its leaves are fresh and soft, with light yellow and milky white color.

The white cockscomb green tea is of tightly shape, the bud leaves are unique and strange, tea leaves are in light green color with a little white. While you taste the tea in a close distance, the fragrance is remarkable.

After brewing, the soup is golden yellow and crystal clear. A faint orchid fragrance lasts for a long time.

The flavor of the tea soup is smooth and refreshing, the soup is orange and clear, and the rich taste of tea presents the charming rthyme of tea culture. The lips and teeth are surrounding by the tea gragrance.

The white cockscomb green tea after 8 times brewing, the bottom of the leaves are evenly thinned and tidy, surrounded by the fresh green and red leaves.
The bottom of the leaf is gripped with fingers, soft and elastic. It reflects the craftsmanship of the tea master for many years.

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4 reviews for Fujian Wuyi Mountain Baking White Cockscomb Oolong Tea – Wholesale Bulk Purchase Available

  1. mndless

    The leaves are very slightly broken due to the rolling. Strong floral aroma of honeysuckle with a pleasant watercress undertone and a slight mineral finish. Can be steeped in the European fashion at a lower temperature for fewer cups with less tea.

  2. SamBee

    Super good tea, super cool monkeys.

  3. linjia

    I drink all kind of Chinese teas for many years. I used to bring teas back to USA from China , but I can’t do that because the COVID-19, so when I finished my tea I tried to find some online and I find the brand , this has been a good brand in China from many years, and it is just as good as before. Like it . Remember use a small spoon for a small teapot and use 95C hot water, let brew 30 seconds and pour to your cups to enjoy. Never let the hot water brew the tea long time.

  4. TRB

    The tea is a beautiful green color, very fresh and wonderful aroma.The tea when brewed is very smooth and fragrant, this is my favorite oolong.

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