Taiping Monkey Champion Green Tea – Wholesale Super Grade for Qingming Festival

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Storage Method: Drying, Low Temperature and Light Avoidance
Shelf life: 360 days
Food additives: none
Packaging mode: Packaging
Food technology: baked green tea
Origin: China
Provinces: Anhui Province
City: Huangshan City
Growth Season: Spring
Taste: Fresh, cool and soft
Shape: pointed

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Tea Garden

It is produced in Xinming area of Huangshan District (formerly Taiping County) at the northern foot of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. It has low temperature and humidity, fertile soil and cloudy fog. Tea plantations are located in the middle and low mountains above 350 meters. The soil is rich in black sandy loam. The soil is deep and rich in organic matter. Tea Mountain is situated mostly in the South and north, located on the ridge and slope of half-yin and half-yang. Low temperature and humidity, soil fertility, cloud cover.
The Monkey Champion Tea should grow in a shady valley, and have a certain altitude but not too high. The important thing is that the planting area should not be too large, and the surrounding areas should be dominated by pine and bamboo forests, thus the Monkey Champion Tea’s unique fragrance can appear. Therefore, authentic and high-quality Monkey Champion Tea is quite very hard to buy.

Tea characteristics

Its great appearance looks like a domineering man. Walk close and smell it, there is a faint sweet fragrance coming to your nose, which forms an obvious contrast with the appearance, and perfectly shows the soft side of his “tyrant president”. After brewing, the Monkey Champion Tea in the cup shows a deep green like seaweed, and then the leaves slowly turn yellow, and the soup color also turns to light yellow. When smelling it, a delicate and lasting fragrance will come, just like orchid fragrance and chestnut fragrance.
hui hou

Dry tea

Dry tea is magnificent and strong, with slightly pointed ends. It is known as the Prince of Green Gold in the Deep Mountains.
One leaf wraps one bud, and the leaves are thick. It looks flat and straight, which shows the character of dignified.
With green color and even look, the leaves are white and concealed, heavy and strong, just like a man with iron bones. But when walk close to smell it, a faint sweet fragrance pours on face.

Tea soup

The tea leaves are strong, the tea color is fragrant and brown, and the tea soup color is light green and bright. And the taste is pure, refreshing and sweet, the leaves set like flowers, and the monkey image is significant.

Leaf quality

Leaves are thick and even, green and bright, and the orchid fragrance is high and crisp. Every leaves are even and thick, delicate and fragrant, and have a high quality.

Brewing Method
  1. Set tea leaves – Use a high-mouthed glass, take 3-5 grams of Monkey Champion Tea and place it in the cup with the roots facing down.
  2. Inject water – slowly inject 1/3 of the water along the cup wall, and the water temperature is about 85. Wait 25 seconds, so as to stimulate tea fragrance.
  3. Inject water – slowly inject 2/3 of water along the cup wall for the second time, and the tea can be enjoyed in 3-5 minutes.
  4. Drink – After the second brewing, the bud roots slowly sink, while the bud leaves slowly rise and spread, blooming into flower-like.

Additional information

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 30%, 500g (7oz) SAVE 50%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

5 reviews for Taiping Monkey Champion Green Tea – Wholesale Super Grade for Qingming Festival

  1. Bex

    Delicious flavor, exactly what I wanted, and a great price.

  2. chenglin

    Awesome tea with great price! My family and me love it so much!

  3. Maria Encalada

    Tea is beautifully packaged and tastes authentic. Drinking tea is good for your health. Recently, I am bored at home, so I have more time to drink tea. I am going to buy some more for backup.

  4. Maziar

    It has very good taste and value for money.

  5. Charles L.

    The green tea flavor is fine and good value for the money. I will probably buy again.

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