Gong Chun’ Yixing Teapot: Petite Finest-Grade Da Hong Pao Zisha Teapot, 150ml


Clay type:Da hong pao ni clay
Content:150ml (±10ml)
Measures:≈ 11.5×5.6 cm (4.5×2.2 in)

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A Unique Creation: The Artistic Gong Chun Yixing Teapot

Unveil the exquisite charm of the Gong Chun Yixing teapot, a remarkable fusion of craftsmanship and artistic inspiration. This exceptional masterpiece crafted from premium Da Hong Pao zhuni clay embodies the essence of nature’s beauty.

Indulge in the captivating tale of Gong Ming Chun, a humble servant during the Ming dynasty, who sought knowledge and found enlightenment in the art of clay teapot making. It was within the serene grounds of Jinsha Temple near Yixing that a monk imparted the wisdom of teapot creation upon him.

Inspired by the unique burl found on an ancient Ginkgo tree, Gong Ming Chun meticulously shaped and molded clay, capturing its intricate texture and form. The result was the birth of the Gong Chun teapot, a testament to human creativity and the wonders of nature.

Centuries later, the Gong Chun teapot remains a celebrated heirloom, a symbol of artistry and elegance. Yixing artists carry forward the legacy of Gong Ming Chun, infusing each teapot with their own unique flair while preserving the essence of his original vision.

Embrace the enduring beauty and rich history of the Gong Chun Yixing teapot. Allow it to become a cherished companion on your tea journey, enhancing each moment with its timeless grace and exceptional craftsmanship.


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