White Porcelain Japanese Sheepskin Jade Teapot – Single


Brand: Others
Tea Plate or Not: No
Material: Ceramic
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Process: Others
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Origin: Dehua
Style: New Chinese Style

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The body of Dehua white porcelain is delicate, soft and firm, commonly known as “glutinous rice fetus”. It is soft and smooth in color. Under the illumination of light, the body can reflect the shadow of fingers. The sound of percussion is clear and melodious, just like knocking on metal.


This Japanese White Porcelain Sheepskin Jade Teapot is the ideal blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted of Dehua ware and featuring an easy shoulder pot design for convenient tea making experience, its elegant white porcelain exterior also adds a beautiful finishing touch while the jade color adds extra charm – creating the ultimate combination for tea enjoyment!

This teapot provides maximum convenience when it comes to brewing tea, with its lid securely connected with its body for maximum efficiency and no escape of water or tea leaves during brewing. Furthermore, its ergonomic handle was created for comfortable pouring of hot liquids without spilling any out. Furthermore, its beautiful spout ensures seamless pouring without spilling any liquid out!

Additionally, it offers numerous other advantages:
This compact teapot is perfect for serving individual servings. Constructed of durable material, you can enjoy your favorite beverage for years. Additionally, its superior heat insulation prevents your hands from being burned when transporting it around.
This Japanese White Porcelain Sheepskin Jade Teapot features materials free from chemicals and toxins to ensure that your tea doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste. With beautiful design that fits any interior decor style, the Japanese White Porcelain Sheepskin Jade Teapot is an exquisite yet practical teapot option to consider!

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beauty shoulder (230ml), siting pot (160ml)


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