Filter Glass Teapot – Heat Resistant & Detachable for Home Use


Packing: carton
Material: Glass
Surface technology: heat resistant glass
Origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Weight: 400g

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Use for Food Contact

It is made by stainless steel filter, and inner gallbladder made of PC material for food contact, which is healthy and hygienic. The outflow water locking equipment is made of imported stainless steel without worrying about leakage and rusting.


There is fine and small filter hole, so when the tea soup is clear, it will be good to seal the soup without any dripping water, and can control the concentration of tea soup very well.

Easy water out

It is eagle shaped mouthpiece outlet, which does not leak water. Fine outlet, so the flowing is smooth, concentrated and does not leak water, or drip water to wet desktop, so that you can use it as you like.

Tea brewing steps
  1. Step one:Put proper amount of tea leaves into inner gallbladder.
  2. Step two:Put the boiled water into the pot and cover it. Wait a moment.
  3. Step three:Press piston, the tea volume can be controlled and the tea soup can be separated with a gentle press.
  4. Step four:Drainage design spout, smooth tea distribution, which can flow tea soup into the guest’s tea cup.

Specification: 14*7cm
Capacity: 1L

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