Handmade Yixing Duan Ni Clay Frog Gaiwan


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Premium Yixing Duan Ni Clay Handmade Frog Gaiwan

Indulge in the exquisite artistry and ancient brewing traditions with this exquisite Yixing Duan Ni Clay Handmade Frog Gaiwan. Handcrafted from the finest old mud, this unique teaware boasts an enchanting frog cover lid that portrays an endearing frog perched upon a serene lotus leaf, its gaze turned skyward, capturing the essence of anticipation or contemplation.

Thoughtfully designed, the gaiwan consists of a delicate saucer, gracefully curved bowl, and precisely fitted lid that seamlessly unite to create an elegant symphony of form and function. Its traditional construction has been revered in China since 1350, offering a timeless and authentic tea-brewing experience.

Measuring 9.9 cm in diameter and 8.9 cm in height, the gaiwan gracefully holds 180 ml of fragrant tea, accommodating solitary moments of reflection or convivial gatherings.

Experience the joy of preparing tea with this versatile gaiwan, suitable for a wide range of tea varieties. Simply add tea leaves to the bowl, pour in boiling water until it fills just below halfway, and gently drain to awaken the leaves and release their alluring aroma. Replenish with fresh boiling water, pouring down the inside of the cup to set the leaves in motion, and savor the rich flavors and nuanced characteristics of your tea.

Crafted from Yixing Duan Ni Clay, this gaiwan not only enhances your tea-drinking experience but also serves as a captivating work of art. Its lotus leaf relief texture and vibrant brown hues add a touch of natural beauty to any setting.


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