Fried Green Tea with Tender Buds – Alpine Sparrow Tongue New Tea (Pre-Qingming)

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Storage methods: cool, light-proof, dry and sealed
Shelf life: 720 days
Food additives: none
Shape: Bar
Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Gui Zhou Province
City: Guiyang City
Food technology: fried green tea
Picking time: before Qingming Festival
Packaging mode: Packaging
Tea species: sparrow tongue
Level: Level 1
Growth Season: Spring

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Alpine Tea of Tea Garden Origin

It is produced in Wan Li Tea Garden of Mei Tan County, Gui Zhou Province, and the largest and highest yield tea garden in China is Wan Li Tea Garden of Mei Tan County. The Sparrow Tongue Tea comes from the mountains and valleys at an elevation of nearly 1000 meters, not from the surrounding plains, where the early morning rain and mist are in the tea hills.

Located at 28 degrees north latitude, the annual average temperature is 16.6 degrees Celsius. There are more clouds and fogs in the mountain area. The ground receives less solar energy, abundant rainfall and unique ecological environment. It is very suitable for the growth of tea trees and the accumulation of tea nutrients. Therefore, the tea produced is green and healthy.
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Rigorous process

In order to preserve quality and freshness, we require the production of Sparrow Tongue Tea to “pick tea during the day and make tea at night”.

Quality characteristics

Dry tea is flat and neat, tender green, moist and slightly fragrant; when brewing, it is best to use a glass cup. Under the action of water, the Sparrow Tongue Tea rotates in the cup and slowly stretches. Each bud stands like swords and is beautiful; the smell of the tea is fragrant and persistent, the tea soup is bright yellow and green, and the tea is floating in the soup. When taste the Sparrow Tongue tea, you will feel cool, refreshing, smooth and moist, and the water will full of the mouth. When swallows it down, the fragrance will stay in your cheeks and linger for long.

Brewing Method
  1. Add tea leaves. Put 3 grams of dry tea leaves in the prepared cup.
  2. Wash tea leaves. It is appropriate for water temperature about 85 degrees;
  3. Inject water. Continue to inject water until it is seventy or eighty percent full;
  4. Soak for 3-4 minutes or so before drinking.

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2 reviews for Fried Green Tea with Tender Buds – Alpine Sparrow Tongue New Tea (Pre-Qingming)

  1. Dave Clark

    Tastes great and good value if you drink a lot of tea. Don’t let it steep too long though.

  2. Alejandro

    The tea is round, the debris is very little, the tea taste is elegant, the tea flavor is strong, the taste is pure, the tea is light and fragrant, and then the aftertaste is sweet. Generally speaking, it is very satisfactory and will be bought back.

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